Headscarf styles for alopecians

Ways to brave the bald... 

I've had alopecia areata on and off since I was 10 and have been wig-free for about 5 years. One day, I decided I was sick of wearing an uncomfortable wig and of worrying about it every time a gust of wind came, so I asked my boyfriend to shave my head.

Since then I've never been happier.

Even though my head was a lot bumpier than I'd anticipated. And even though I still get a lot of attention with my new mohawk look – sometimes good, sometimes bad – I'm more comfortable in myself than I've ever been.

But still, sometimes you just want to blend in, right? I know I do!

Plus, in my current home of Vietnam, it's just too hot to be walking around with a bald head. (Sunstroke, anyone?!) So I'm a MASSIVE fan of headscarves. For me, they offer protection against the sun (and unwanted attention) and they allow you to embrace your own unique style. So alopecians can be fashionable and dress up without having to spend hours fussing over our hair...yay!

Here's how I wear my headscarves:

Option 1: The Turban

Step 1: For this look, take a rectangular scarf or any piece of lightweight material, place it along your hairline and tie both ends in a knot at the base of your skull.

Step 2: Next, tie the ends in a knot just at the top of your forehead. Tuck in any excess material, puff up the material stretching over your head for a little volume and you're good to go! 

Option 2: The Pirate

Follow Step 1 of The Turban but instead of tying the two ends at the centre of your neck, tie them just to one side (eg behind your right or left ear). Then simply allow both ends to hang loose over your shoulder. Easy peasy and you get the feeling of having lovely long locks to toss over your shoulder!

They're my favourite options. But there's plenty more.

From The Pirate look, you could twist the loose material into a tight circle at the side of your head before securing it with hairgrips (like a one-sided Princess Lea). Or, if you have a longer scarf for The Turban, you could plait the loose material before Step 2 (so you have a cool knotted effect on either side of your head).

There are so many possibilities... so don't feel like you have no options for different looks even if you have no hair. Wigs aren't your only option for a new look, either! Get creative, get styling and have fun!

PS: Like the headscarves I wear in this post? Want to see more colours and styles? They're now available in Lady Alopecia's shop on Etsy in a range of colours: check them out here!! :)


Emma/Lady Alopecia xxx

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Comment by Anne Williams on June 1, 2019 at 1:41pm

Living in southern Arizona I too use scarves and hats. I hate wigs. Too hot and uncomfortable. Thanks for the scarf tutorial!

Comment by Emma on June 1, 2019 at 10:19pm

No problem Anne, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Loving your hat in that photo, by the way!! :)

Comment by Anne Williams on June 1, 2019 at 11:17pm

Hats are my fave. Currently looking for a genuine Panama to wear to a wedding in Mexico next fall. 


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