So, just wanted to share a little grievance with you all and then you can all tell me I'm over reacting - but it's really got my back up.
Toni Warne = fantastic singer currently on talent show 'The Voice'. She's beautiful, talented and by appearing bald and talking about her alopecia - she's raising awareness for our condition which is totally lordable. However, If one more person tells me she reminds them of me or vice versa, I think I may scream!!!! Just because we have no hair, I'm sure that's where the similarities end.
If I were to walk up to every fat person and say they reminded me of Jo Brand - would that be ok?
If I walked up to every man of colour and said he reminded me of Lenny Henery - would that be ok?
If I walked up to everyone with big boobs and said they reminded me of Jordan - would that be ok?
I very much doubt it.
Wish people would stop stereo-typing me based on a single aspect of my appearence.
Rant Over :D

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Comment by Tallgirl on April 26, 2012 at 2:41pm

You could do the opposite, and say, "Oh, really? I think I look more like _____." (insert name of any famous person with a long or frizzy mane, or dreadlocks. Or someone who really does look like you in the face. Or someone you admire, someone unforgettable, or a cartoon/fairy tale character). You could also have some ready comebacks on who THEY might resemble.

I chose Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman or Belle from Beauty and the Beast (who loved reading and hated macho males). Those alter-egoes helped me forget about the hair loss.

Comment by Cheryl, Co-founder on April 27, 2012 at 2:09am

Yes, I agree that can be aggravating. But to be honest when I first started with alopecia, I really had a hard time distinguishing one person from another. Now I must say that I look at features a lot more now. My problem is that most people remember me. For example, if someone in our neighborhood sees me in the bank or grocery story they recognize me first.

Just so you know, Toni Warne is now a member of Alopecia World ;)

Comment by Toni Warne on May 1, 2012 at 9:00am

Emily that's made me chuckle!!!! Because I totally hear your frustration... People like to make an association because it makes them feel good because actually they genuinely want to make 'You' feel good... but of course it has the opposite effect.

I do hear you .... Lovely wedding pic by the way!!!

Much love Toni x


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