For the first time in the 15 years that I have had Alopecia Universalis I started to grow hair. It started a few months ago in July, I noticed a little stubble here and there on my head I kept an eye on it not wanting to get too excited because I do have a condition that refuses to let hair grow. A few weeks passed and it kept growing in to these "fuzzies" , so I decided to take pictures of its progress. Now more weeks have passed and the once stubble had turned into short strands of hair in various patches. This was exciting yet terrifying because I have never known a "me" that had actual hair. I kept touching my head at least 100 times a day feeling these unusual hairs and making sure that it was real and that it was actually growing. Months passed and I have dozens of pictures of my head where you can see hair covering almost every inch, because it's already October and this has been growing non stop I let myself become excited and happy that something that I thought was impossible, was happening. My friends an family soon noticed the hair and were equally as thrilled as me.

Everything was going great, I am doing well in school I am enjoying my senior year and my hair is growing, nothing could go wrong. Then one day as I'm touching my head for the 100th time I notice an empty patch on the back of my head. I think to myself maybe there wasn't any hair in that area and I just now realized, or maybe I felt it wrong. The next few days I noticed more empty patches. I got a little upset realizing that this exciting experience would soon come to and end. Just 3 days ago, I decided I wasn't going to wait for the last strand of hair to fall out, so I shaved the remaining hairs of my head and began a new start. I have always made sure to have a positive outlook on this condition because I know I am a lucky girl, I have a wonderful supportive family and a beautiful life. I let myself get caught up in this out of the blue situation where hair was just growing everywhere and that's okay. However I am saddened that it ended so suddenly but I now know what my hair felt like for the time in my life, and I cant explain what a wonderful feeling that was for the little time I got to experience it.

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