First I'd like to say Happy New Year ( I know I'm like a month late) I haven't added a blog post in a while and I thought I would go ahead and get it over with.

Everything has been great with me lately I'm doing amazing in school, I have started hanging out with better people and I like who I am and who I am growing up to be. I'm going to turn 18 soon and that’s such a big step and I cant wait. I have started taking biotin vitamins and in the last few weeks my nails have strengthened and grown like never before, because I get nervous a lot and am not the social butterfly I wish I was, I tend to but my nails (yes I realize it’s a gross habit) so I didn’t have much hope for my short stubby nails that I'm always chewing on, but I have to say my toes and my finger nails look smooth and are starting to actually become long and that's amazing considering they’ve never been that way. I haven't used my lattisse for my eyelashes in a while I still have only one eye with lashes so its frustrating but I'm making it work. I am graduating in a few months 119 days to be exact (yes I have a countdown) I am terrified of growing up and officially becoming an adult but I have a large family who always have my back no matter what so I know ill be okay. I guess this is all I wanted to say I know not a lot of people read these but its comforting when you get your thoughts out and hope that someone reads, or understands what your going through, so everyone, have an incredible 2016.

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Comment by Brie on January 26, 2016 at 8:18pm

You seem like you are very happy. That is really good to hear cause you don't see a lot of teens that are comfortable with what is going on and you seem like you are doing pretty good. Congrats on being so close to graduation and i hope that you find something you love to do when you are done! Family is definitely the best support system so you are definitely lucky to have that! Have a great year and enjoy being young life goes by sooo fast!!


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