Please can someone offer me any advice. I have been suffering from alopecia since 2007. My hair constantly sheds a lot thins out grows back. Trouble is I have to keep it very short as its not in long before its shedding again. Prior to this I had long hair. I hate the constant shedding and uncertainty. I have been diagnosed with a chronic TE. I have decided because I get so depressed and hate taking my wig off that ive ordered a custom made lace front wig. Apparantly I can keep this on for up to 3 weeks at a time. My only concern is that i dont get to wash my hair underneath its pixie cut at minute every day as i normally do as it gets greasy. I thought maybe id shave to a grade 2 because i intend to use my lace front permanantly. Does anyone have experience with this solution. Are they good, do they stay on, does your hair grow underneath, is it okay to shave. Any advice would be great I am feeling so depressed its affecting every area in my life. I am okay when I.m wearing a wig but as soon as I take it off I feel upset. I also feel better when its shaved as can't see the shedding. just need to know the ins and outs and if lace fronts are comfy etc and a long term solution. Many thanks

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Comment by Mama Parsinc on November 30, 2012 at 5:31pm
Rosy is right. Seek out more info about your particular wig. I do wear lace fronts and I love them but I am now comfortable to take them off when I am at home. You do need someone to help and support you to help you come to terms with your hair loss... Over time it can be done... Maybe not 100% acceptance but to take your wig off and it not to upset you as much as it currently does. We all deal with things differently... Some of us need more support than others or just more time to come to terms with our hairloss. Knowing your not alone can be a great source of comfort also. Seeing all the other members on here with their hairless stories can help you on your journey. Allow yourself to grieve about your hair loss, and begin to take little steps in coping and dealing with the reality of this condition.
I wish you well,
Mama p


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