I was so happy about i'd say a month ago when i noticed fuzzies growing in. It grew in so nicely i actually had hair on my head i just looked like i had a buzz cut next thing you know 2 weeks later i wake up to a patch thinking oh lord please not again. I let it be, continued to let the hair grow and as time went on the patch on the side got bigger and bigger where i could no longer enjoy the freedom of going out and feeling great that i had hear and not to mention i had a small patch at the top of my head, so once again i had to shave my head now i've not only lost my hair but just about all my lashes are gone too.Everyday that i wake up and look in the mirror i keep wishing it was just a nightmare but truth of the matter is it's NOT!!!

I'm feeling like i'm on this roller coaster going round and round or i'm with a driver who is confused and don't know what it should be hair or no hair one day there, month later gone!!! How does that happen and why?? I haven't got the slightest idea but i sure wish i knew
Peace out

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Comment by Tallgirl on June 29, 2012 at 8:37pm

I just say, "Forget the roller coaster!" and keep myself stocked with make-up bag in car (near-sighted, need the close-up mrror on the visor) and a few wigs and hats around. When I put on the face, liner and brows, I can fool the world! One discovery: stress and not washing off the eyebrow powder at night can make my eyebrow hairs fall out or turn white within 24 hours. Lovely.

Comment by Anne Vanderlaan on July 4, 2012 at 1:24pm

Dog poop! That is horrible! I would hate that it would tease you going back and forth. When mine started to go I go on my knees and said to God if it has to go please take it all. I did not want the look of patchy. I have been taking Niacin and high amounts of fish oil 10 grams a day of the fish oil and also Vitamin D3 and I am getting fuzz on the top of my head. So I shave it off. It is not real hair just fuzz.


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