Hey so my name is Emily im 21 years old have had alopecia totalis since i was 6 started to lose my hair end of kindergarten and my hair dresser started to notice patches it took us months to work out what was going on then we got sent to a dermatologist where i found out i had alopecia we then for many years tried all sorts of treatments and they worked for a bit but always ended up losing it in the end we tried cyclosplorne dcp pednislone and more.
Then one horrible day my doctor said maybe you might want to look at wigs now this was hard to deal with at first i didnt want to give up on my hair but we went and tried some wigs and eventually ended up buying one and for years wore it changing styles and colours my mum then got me a new one each year for my birthday.
When i turned 19 i moved out and met my fiancée i had started to not ware my wig as oftern and didnt ware it at my house warming party figured that this my house and people can just accepted it over the last 3 years have slowly gotten more and more confident and now hardly ware only when i go to work now as im a baby sitter and somtimes can be just a little hard for little kids to adjust to at first.
My partner has been more rock since i met him he has given me so much confidence over the years i meet him without my wig on and he just accepted it from the start we have now been together for almost 3 years and wouldnt change a thing we both joke around about it and have fun with it when i get a new wig hes like go wild and dosnt care what people say.
The only part that annoys me these days are when people who have no idea who you are vome up and say do you have cancer its like no i dont i have alopecia but its none of there business anyway.

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Comment by PsPs on June 1, 2017 at 6:15am


but what about ur eye brows & eyelashes ??

Comment by emily5 on June 1, 2017 at 6:35am
I got my eye brows tatooed and eye lashes i dont worry about i thought about fake eye lashes but cant use the glue as i react to it


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