Hi everyone!

So I had Folliculitis and was able to maintain another outbreak for about a year. My old bald spot was about 2.5-3 inches long and I was wearing clip in extensions every day to give body and length til my hair grew back. I was feeling good until about a month ago it really started to fall out again. I thought it was a new outbreak and went back to the dermatologist but now I have AA! My clip ins still kinda work, but soon my hair won't cover the tracks. Today the clips are irritating my scalp too. I am currently using a topical steroid and meditating on growing my hair! Trying to stay positive. It didn't affect me as much emotionally this time because it made sense. I feel like my hair has been thinning for about 10 years and when I got Folliculitis I thought it had been AA. 

I am getting married in 3 months. This is my main concern. Otherwise, I would just see what happens and wear scarves if needed and then get a wig. I want to look nice for my wedding! I want my hair to either fall out now or stop! So I can buy a nice wig for the wedding or stick with extensions!

For those of you with AA. How quickly does it all fall out? How long did the process take until it kind of stayed in one form of growth or patches? Please, any advice about products or wigs or what to do is welcome!



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Comment by Momtoalopecia on September 30, 2016 at 9:08pm

Hi Robin, I suffered from alopecia as a young adult.  My son that is now 25 still suffers from it. He has taken many steroid injections in his head. Some of them worked some didn't.  About a year ago I came across a product called Monat.  The products are infused with essential oils from around the world. This October will be the one year mark that he had his last injection. Monat has changed his life.  His self confidence is back because he now has a full head of hair.  You are getting married in 3 months.  While that is probably not long enough to grow a lot of hair back it would begin the process.  What my son said he noticed within a couple of weeks was that his existing hair was starting to be anchored better.  I would love to give you some more information about Monat.  You can contact me via email  jbenda2014@outlook.com.  You can find a lot of information online and through You tube.  For my son it's been a game changer in his life.  


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