Paranoid of trusting my hair won't fall out again

I am 37 and have had alopecia since i was 16. For the most part, I have been lucky. Id only have a quarter size patch underneath u couldnt see...until 3 years ago when i had breast reduction surgery for which i was anesthetized. I know there is a connection to this, but not my main focus here. In the last several months i have been sticking to a strict vitamin regimen. I believe the MSM portion has helped me grow much of my hair back. I have been on the fence waiting for Xeljanz or considering maybe going back to steroids to see if they might work since the MSM seems to have sort of "turned the light on" so to speak with my hair returning. I have never been bald for this long and before this never lost eyelashes or brows. My brows are even showing tiny hairs, tho im not counting on eyelashes at this point. Anyhow, my question is - has anyone lost their hair for this long and then grown it back only to lose it again? I am very dependent upon my wig and i know that situation would be heartbreaking for me. Thoughts?

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Comment by Liz bell on July 19, 2015 at 5:29pm


I lost all of my hair 3 years ago, had PUVA treatment and grew it back, I kept it for about 2 months and then out it fell again, 2nd round of PUVA nothing happened and I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes also, I then tried cyclosporine and nothing happened, I then went on holiday to cyprus and just enjoyed the sun when I came home I had sunbeds once a week to keep my tan and suddenly my hair started to grow again, I kept this for about 1 month and out it fell again I  am currently in  the process of having PUVA treatment again but 50 sessions in I have had no growth not holding out much hope .

Not much help to you but I just accept that maybe I will never get my hair back.

Comment by Kat on July 20, 2015 at 2:12am
Comment by Kat on July 20, 2015 at 2:18am
That link tells u about MSM. It is an organic form of sulfur, about as harmless for u as water, but very beneficial. I dont know if it works for everyone and I wont say by any means i can go without my wig. I havent grown my eyebrows or eyelashes back, but i have a great deal of my hair back. I also take an enzyme multivitamin and an amino acid multivitamin every day, but it was when i added the MSM that it started to grow more. And it's pretty cheap. My nails are actually growing too which they never really do and rhey feel strong.
Comment by HappyAsMolly on July 31, 2015 at 2:19am

@Liz Bell - That's amazing! I have found all through my life that I have always had less hair loss when I have lived hot, sunny places (I've been a bit of a globetrotter since I was a kid), and more hair loss when I live colder, less-sunny places (like BC, where I live now). 

I can't do tanning beds, as I feel it's detrimental to my health, but I totally have had the same experience with sun...!

Are there any side effects to MSM? I've never heard of this before... 


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