First time someone asked me "is that a wig" while chilling in a pub
A stanger non the less
And it made me upset more then it should and instead of standing up saying I have alopecia and explaining, I was just sat there embarrassed thinking OMG it looks like a wig
First time ever been asked and feel a bit rubbish and upset. Near left the bar but thought why should I.
The wig does not define me

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Comment by Sophie Woods on January 6, 2017 at 8:28pm

Hey i dont blame you for first feeling that way !!! 

1) that is just rude and plain bad manners. Like what kind of social skills did this person have to think that it is ok to go up to someone they dont know and ask them such a personal question? 

2 i) ts nice to know that you can put a wig on and just blend in with everyone else if you want to. I would have been caught off guard if i had of been wearing my wig and asked that as i like to think i can hide my Alopecia pretty well when i want to ,and that is what would really upset me . All while you are at a pub trying to enjoy your self . What a jerk !

I agree babe Not nice at all  

Comment by KFlame on January 7, 2017 at 3:40am
I did actually reply "that's not something you should ask someone at the pub man" he did apologise. Just at the time it was simply embarrassing and well upsetting it wasn't as well hidden as I thought.
I had just been to the gym mind so who knows what state it was in :)
Comment by Tom on January 14, 2017 at 10:19pm
Regardless of how your wig looked he had no right to come up to you and say that. Having Alopecia and knowing how it feels like to feel out of place in certain places and situations makes us more respectful of anyone who has anything that makes them feel different. What he did was no different than walking over to someone in a wheel chair and saying so what's your problem. It was out of line. It is embarrassing. It gets easier as time goes on. And you will find comments that will stop people like that in thier tracks. Hang in there and just try to laugh at such idiots.


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