Heyy, everyone I recently saw Soul Surfer and it inspired to look at things in a different perspective, so I figured I would tell you how and maybe it would inspire some of you guys too. :)
When I was nine I was at my home town Pawleys Island, SC, I was just enojoying a beautiful day in the place I love, the ocean, when some pretty big waves pulled me under, I was thrown onto jagged rocks with no control over where I went, of course I was only nine so I wasn't stong enough to fight them. I ended up almost drowning and came out of the water with huge cuts all the way up and down my legs, with blood everywhere.Later on that year I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, the doctors say that me being so afraid and stressed out about what happened, that it triggered it to begin. That's how I got Alopecia, that simple day was how my life completely changed.
Ever since that day, I've always thought, Why me? Why did God choose me for this? You know? I couldn't understand
what I had done to deserve this at all. Over the past couple of months I've learned how life works, just because
something throws you down, doesn't mean that you can't get back up. I used to wish that I could I go back to that day and not get in the water, but now I realize that this is me. No matter how much I strive to be normal, or how much I
wish to have my confidence, and run away from the hard things in life, I now realize that everything that has happened to me, happened for a purpose, every single little thing in my life happened for a purpose. There is a reason I have Alopecia, I just haven't found it out yet, but I'm definitely all in to figure it out.
There is no reason I can't do what I want to do just because I have to wear fake eyelashes, and be paranoid about them all the time. I have God on my side, and whatever happens I always know that he is there for me, you know what they say.. "With God all things are possible..":)
I hope you take this to heart, and really think about it. How are all of our lives similar, but yet so different? If you have any questions feel free to ask.

With love,

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Comment by Tallgirl on April 9, 2011 at 12:30am
It is genetic, waiting within us. My triggers? Being sad over getting good grades (not normal) the first time, sister mauled by a dog later, and then stress of marriage, then mother-in-law yelling at me with criticism. Now I have it for good.


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