Hey everyone, My name is Rachel and I've been fifteen for almost two months. I have had AA for about five years, and it got started by me having a life or death experience in 2005. It used to be reallyy bad where I could barely cover up my spots. But now I am glad to say that after every cycle it would slowly grow back and the spots would be smaller and smaller and there would be fewer spots each cyle that my hair fell out. Now I haven't had a cycle in probably over a year, and my hair is long and semi thick. So don't give up hope, miracles can always happen. Try to focus on the positive and get through it. Don't let people staring or people saying stuff about you make it worse. Also, don't let the worrying of your hair falling out bug you cause that can just make it fall out more, and try not to focus on the stress and people opinions because this is what I did and it's been a good process I would suppose. My eyebrows are even coming back and my eyelashes a little too. When someone asks me why I don't have eyebrows or if my eyelashes are real or not.. I just blow it off say I don't know why I don't have eyebrows, or I say it's because they're blonde which is the truth, but when it comes to my fake eyelashes, of course I say yes they are real, because they are technically 100% real eyelashes. :) ALWAYS have a few friends that know about your alopecia, I mean family is good to talk about it with too, but talking about it with some close friends gives you that comfort that you need. Try taking some of these steps and see where it gets you. ALSO, if you notice spots of hair coming out, immediately plan an appointment with a dermo and get cortozone shots in those areas as soon as you can. They honestly aren't that painful, trust me(: It's worth it in the end. Another thing is that if your head is starting to itch, doesn't normally mean you have a dry scalp. Don't be scared to scratch it because you're scared it will pull your hair out, when your scalp is itching it normally means (as i've noticed) that your hair is growing back right there. Take it from someone who has had experiences with this, I'm no doctor but it can't hurt to at least try. You never know what will happen(: I am very thankful for hair! I pray for you all the best, cause you desire it. I hope this has helped some of you. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask I will answer them to the best of my ability.


   Mucho love,


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Comment by Rachel Taylor on December 24, 2010 at 11:26am
Thank you very much(:


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