Hello Fellow Alopecians!  There is so much info on ordering wigs, however not as much information about the condition of these wigs a few months or a year after they're ordered.  I've had cheap indian remy wigs last me two to three years, and some more expensive European hair wigs last less than a year.  I'm so curious to know how others' wigs are holding up at the one year mark ... would love to see photos and review of one year old wigs!  And please share name of manufacturer, where you ordered, and approx. price point. 

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Hi Andrea

Thanks for the compliments about my daughter.  I think she is cute as well...but I have to, I'm mum LOL.


Rose Marie, the only 'problem' I have with my freedom wig is that it lightened over time and I have recoloured it a couple of times myself - it has made no difference to the quality etc and holds the colour very nicely. I have recoloured it dark brown, whereas when I first bought it some years ago now it was auburn with quite reddish tints. I don't wear it nowadays although it looks great still, because it is shorter than I wear nowadays. But it's good to have it and know its there. It's my safety net.

Hi Pat

That is very true about all hair including virgin hair.  The lighter colours in particular will fade and have to maintained. That means colouring (Freedom recommends demi colours).  This is another thing I like about the Freedom cap there are minimal issues with colouring and as you have said Pat the virgin hair itself stays beautiful for years.  

 The problem with a wig is that it fades on mass, rather than what happens with growing hair...it's often gets streaky with the end becoming very light....this doesn't happen with a wig as the hair isn't being replaced like with growing hair. 

You look cute in your hair Pat!


Rose Marie,

when you said that she had a restoration/repair done, what does that mean, I know that lace wigs that are in good shape need to be revented after a year or so of constant wear. does the cap part need reapir too? and does that mean having to remold and repace the silicone? Just so new at this myself and not sure about it all. Do you send the wig into the Freedom company for repair? Thanks for all the information. Your daughter look stunning in her beautiful hair.

Hi Christine

It really depends what has happened to your freedom wig.   Yes, you do have to send it to Freedom to be repaired in NZ and yes there can be limitations to what can be repaired.  Remoulding is not required at repair time as your mould is already at Freedom. :) So, again it depends on the persons needs and requirements.   

Freedom don't ventilate their wigs Christine...that is terminology really used for conventional and lace wigs and is really the description of how the hair is attached to the cap (handtieing).  As knots can and sometimes do undo reventing a wig is a normal part of care for most conventional and lace cap wigs..  

When a Freedom Wig is repaired any hair breakage (mechanical breakage that may have occureds) will  have the hair replaced, the perimeter hair will be replaced, the inside of the cap totally refurbished.Often a repaired wig will give you more years of wear...but again it depends on you. 

I always think of repairing a Freedom Wig like repairing a very good pair of handmade brogue shoes.  It is worth the effort if you have looked after your wig.  It will give you more years of service if the care has been taken during wear.  If you have been particularly harsh on your Freedom wig just like if you wrecked a beautiful pair of shoes...it's hard to get them back to an acceptable place.  

Thanks for the compliments for my daughter...:)

Hope this clarifies things a little.  If you ever decide to get a Freedom Wig...this will be discussed fully at your consult....ask the questions while and if you decide to go there. :)

Take care


Beautiful young lady wearing beautiful hair!

Hi Rosy,

Those are stunning photos!! gorgeous daughter with gorgeous hair...i love it...i want her hair=)) how much does the length ,your daughter has, costs? you can pm me pls

this is the most gorgeous wig i ever since and so natural....how much is this wig in about 18in long?

Wow, the microwave tip is interesting.  I have never tried this.

What are the steps?


Yes, for us the type of hair used is the big thing...along with all the features and benefits. 


What type of eyelashes does your daughter wear and what type of adhesive did you find that works best?

Wow, that looks really nice.  I lost all of my hair when I was about six years old, which was years ago.  I wore a wig and they looked just awful back then.  I wish they would have had realistic looking wigs back then.  So pretty.



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