would love to find out and meet others with AA. iv never met anyone or know any one with it but me?

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man this sucks i just found this site and ill be going back to work soon....2 weeks on and 2 weeks off...dont get to get online much at work
me neither!! its really weird, how now it seems there are loads of people with it! but ive never actually met anyone with it! kinda sad really...!
If you live in the United States, go to www.naaf.org -- that is the website for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. There are links there to contact support groups in your area, and they also hold a conference every year. This year, it is in Louisville, KY from June 19-22. You may want to attend -- there will be lots of people like us there as well as sessions with the top dermatologists in the country and panels with the latest research and updated news on the condition. Hope to see you there this year!!!
freaking awsome just checked my work schedual and im off for those dates........im so there...wow im exited....think ill make my hotel and plane reservations now...lol
If you are newly diagnosed then I would very highly recommend making the trip -- I wish that the conference had been around when I was younger and my family was looking for resources to help me to cope with the alopecia. I intend to go to the conference myself this year, so maybe I will see you there!
most def will see me there......im not going for the research or new treatments or the hope to treat my symptoms...in my experiance treating the symptoms never works you have to cure the cause and since no one really knows what causes it or why im pretty much ok with my lot in life.....i just want tyo meet and be around others who know what im going through to have a comraudery and share experiencese and stories. i pretty much know i will be hairless for the rest of my life i made my self come to terms with it quick.
hiya ! actually me either i haven't met anyone having AA in real life , but on the net i've met lot of them in www.alopeciaonline.org.uk/forum .....if you join it , you'll absolutly find great people there & u'll find as well the support you need .
good luck
theres a convention in kentucky in the end of june this year...its an awesome place to meet other people with alopecia, get support and hear from people that are going through the same things that you are....i highly recomend going if you can. for more info go to naaf.org
I would love to meet anyone in the uk!!xxxxxxxx
Hi everyone.

My name is Roger and im 35 from Stockholm, Sweden.

Im planning to go to the NAAF conference in Louisville in june.

Is it anybody else having the same plan as me?

The conference is going to be awesome this year. I have gone since i was 12 and have only missed one in all these years. It is the best place in the world for you to meet people with alopecia. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes. And be prepared for a sleepless weekend. You almost need a day to unwind from it all. It is the best for days of my year. And i bet anyone that if it is you first time you will not go to bed the first night with out at least 10 new friends.
Wow Jennifer! Sounds so so nice!




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