would love to find out and meet others with AA. iv never met anyone or know any one with it but me?

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Well yea you are gonna show us around. I can't WAIT!!!!!!! You totally have to take us to the good bars. thats what i had to do when we were in L.A.
Im coming tooooo! =)=)=)
ok im down with seeing the sightd never been would love to go to the horse track
Just wanted to let you know that registration for the NAAF conference is now open on the National Alopecia Areata Foundation site.
Has anyone ever gone to the conference without knowing a single person?
the first time i went i did not know anyone. there are lots of people that go every year that dont know anyone but by the end of the weekend you have lots of new friends
Lots of people have... besides you already know more than one person ;)
The conference is impossible for me to attend but going back to the issue of groups where people can meet, I would like to arrange some sort of get together for people that live in southern ontario. Also if anyone in the Guelph, Kitchener/Waterloo and Cambridge area was interested in getting together please let me know and I'll fix something up!

I also wanted to add that there are many people that for whatever reason cannot go to the conference. I've wanted to go for years now but through the support of my online alopecian friends I've managed to overcome many of my fears (including being able to go out without a wig on). So don't feel bad if you can't make it - there's always next year (hopefully my next year will come soon).

Hi Carol! My parents live in KW and I am currently living in Toronto.
I would LOVE to meet another person with Alopecia!
Please let me know if you ended making up a group! :)

Hi everybody, If you are going to the conference and have not already done so... please go to the events tab and rsvp so that we all know who is going. Can't wait to see you all!




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