Hi Everyone,

I am doing a speech at a little girls school in christchurch to help her peers understand what Alopecia is all about.

I have done a few of these before and they always go well but...

Now that I know about this site, I thought I would ask all of you guys what you would have liked to be told or talked about when you first were diagnosed?

What your friends/family/colleagues wanted to know as well?

Since we are all different with how we dealt with it, I thought it would be good to get everyones opinion on this matter.

Speech is on friday.

thanks in advance for your help.


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I think when Bev came into Libby's school the biggest thing that helped was telling everyone that Libby was still all she had ever been and did not want sympathy but just good supportive friends who understood her.

Good luck with everything Anna.

hi Fitzy,
i wish you lived in nj so you could come talk to my daugher's class!
Anna we are really lucky to have you willing to come into our children's classes to talk to them about alopecia. Thanks so much for being the wonderful person you are.

Good luck with the talk, let us know how it goes.
i think u need to start off w/ telling them that alopecia is NOT CONTAGIOUS. kids always asume that w/ any type of illness. and tell them that just bc someone doesn't have hair, does not mean they are any less of a friend. and we need support, not bullying. hope this helps!
Hi Anna,
Thankyou for taking the time to speak at the Schools on behalf of the children that have Alopecia.
All I would have liked was that they understood that I did not want sympathy. That I was no different to them and Alopecia is not contagous. We all would like to have understanding, friendship, love, encouragement and confidence just like everyone else. To be able to experience all the activities that schools offer like sports, swimming, school camps etc without the fear of been different and teased. I was blessed that I did have the same good friends right through my school years and it did not make any difference to them that I wore a wig. Thanks again for the wonderful job you are doing.
thank you all for your helpful comments!
How did it go Anna?



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