"The use of Methotrexate alone or in combination with low doses of oral corticosteroid in treatment of Alopecia Totalis or Universalis"
Study by Pascal Joly, MD, PHD
Rouen, France.

22 patients, 14 of which had a total recovery of their hair, and of the 14, 3 maintained their hair after they stopped the treatment.

I have decided to try it out. Just took my first dose. I'll keep you updated!

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Not sure if I have heard of this treatment or not.
Are you taking the Meth (haha) alone or a combo?

Alone, but then he wants to ad some prednasone into the mix
Hope it works. Good luck.
are you online?
What is the mechanism of action of the meth?
not sure what you mean, but I know it is a common drug for people undergoing chemotherapy
Here's an intriguing article abstract/summary:
Treatment of severe alopecia areata (AA) remains difficult. To assess the tolerance and efficacy of methotrexate (MTX) in the treatment of severe long-term AA, we retrospectively evaluated 22 patients with AA totalis or universalis with a mean duration of 11.0 +/- 8.8 years who were treated with MTX either alone (n = 6) or associated with low doses of oral prednisone (n = 16). MTX was given at an initial weekly dosage of 15 mg (n = 3), 20 mg (n = 9), or 25 mg (n = 10). Oral prednisone was given at an initial dosage of 10 mg/d in one patient and 20 mg/d in 15 patients. In all, 14 patients (64%) achieved a total recovery including 3 of 6 patients treated by MTX alone and 11 of 16 who had received the combined treatment. Of the 14 patients who had total hair regrowth, 6 stopped MTX. In all, 3 patients maintained hair regrowth and 3 relapsed. Retreatment of these 3 patients by MTX resulted again in hair regrowth. No severe side effect was observed. Although limited by its uncontrolled character, this study shows that MTX and low doses of oral corticosteroids may be an effective and well-tolerated treatment for severe types of AA.
Not my place to offer an opinion on this one. Not my body, not my life. May it suffice to say that I suggest that you, or anyone else considering this path, be very careful and take time to educate yourself about the drugs before hand. Both methotrexate and prednisone suppress the immune system which could, and sometimes does, lead to serious complications. That said, I wish you the best if you choose this path.
You are very correct Tony. I have had tests done, plus I am a young healthy adult and my Dr. advised that it should fine. Of course nothing in this world is guaranteed except taxes and death. I will also be tested weekly while taking this medication. Thanks for your thoughts!
This is strange. I had a molar pregnancy in May, and to get rid of it, I had to take Methotrexate in IV Form. I didnt realize that it was a treatment for Alopecia Totalis or Universalis. Could you maybe send me a message, on the details about this treatment? Thanks. Take Care and Good Luck!
hey Chelsea,
I have a 5 page printout of the study that my dermatologist gave me, so I obviously can't sit here and type you all the details. But in short, You take the medication once a week, for a period of up to a year. Maybe if you google the info on my original post, including the Doctors name, you might find the entire study.
craig, please keep me posted on your outcomes. My derm wants me to try Methyltrexate. I was having success with injections and prednisone but due to a reaction to the prednisone i had to stop and lost the hair that was regrowing. I was given 5mg of methyltrexate and have to have blood tests done within 5 days of taking the med. unfortunately I was a little anemic and am not able to start this treatment yet. From what I have been told...the side effects can target the liver but with periodic blood tests this can be monitored and if a problem occurs it can often be reversed by stopping the drug. Let me know how you make out



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