Hello everyone. I need some help in chooseing a company that has wigs.There are so many on the internet! Ive been looking at Paul Young.com site and also Headcovers Unlimited.com I was wondering if any of you had dealt with them? If so, how do you like the companies? What type of head cover is popular to wear underneath the wig. I don't need one yet, but would like some input from you on the way the wig is made. The type that youve choosen. Any other tips would be greatly apprecated :) Thank you :)

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I would recommend wigsupport.com as collectively the most comprehensive discussion place for women's wigs of all types.

The first step to thinking about a wig for yourself is to emblazon these essential steps in your plans if you're spending what for your budget is a considerable amount. If it's an insignificant amount it doesn't matter.
step 1) Research
step 2) Research
step 3) Research
step 4) Buy only after following steps 1,2 and 3.

Understand this essential truth: every wig seller, vendor on the planet wants you to buy something. Be a savvy consumer same way you would be for any major purchase.

Always be ready to walk out the door of any salon the moment you don't feel your needs and your questions and your requests for seeing product on you are being satisfied.

The world of wigs is vast. The way to navigate is like you are already, talk to a lot of people and continue to talk to the ones you get a sense have a similar lifestyle and budget and aesthetic sense. Otherwise, you'll get advise that has no similarity to your needs.

Hi Deborah..
I strongly suggest the company 'Amy's Presence' wigs.. They are wigs for living in, not just for sitting around, and I feel for the first time in a long time like I have hair again, even though I can remove it. It's the closest thing to hair I've felt in a long time. Amy, the founder of the company, has Alopecia, so she completely understands what is nessessary in a wig for someone with Alopecia aposed to say a wig for a cancer patient. We need wigs for living, and with my wig I can swim, run, jump... There's a picture of Amy with her wig jumping out of an airplane with her wig, and it stays on! Plus, they are really comfortable and breathable.. :)

Hope this helps! Goodluck!

Heather, thank you for your suggestion! I'll keep in touch.
I like the Paula Young wigs as there are a wide variety of types and styles (including human hair) and all are very affordable ($15 - $200) so you don't need to take out a second mortgage when buying a wig.
Thank you for responding. How do you like the company? Very satisfried with working with you?
I like them very much. If you call them they are very helpful with all of your questions. You can also get their catalogue delivered. They are not close to me so I deal with them over the phone or by email.
Thank you Brandy. I've already ordered their catalogue...there arent any near me either that i know of
so e-mail and phone is also the only way for me to shop too.
Here's something funny; I just went to see my dermy today and as per usual, a student doc is sent in first. She actually wanted me to point out where I have hair missing on my head. She looked surprised when I said that it's missing everywhere, all over my body. Now that's the true test of a good wig, when a resident can't tell that it's not your own hair!
Hi. I have so far bought Rene of Paris wigs from a site called wigsalon.com. There company is great, great service and good quality wigs. There prices are very competitive.
I recently ordered wigs from a site called namebrandwigs.com. There prices are the cheapest I have found. My wigs are supposed to arrive in about ten days. So far there service has been good, i.e they reply to mesaages with questions from me and update me about the order.
Hi Kimberly,

Has your new wig come yet, and do you like the quality of it?



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