Hello everyone. :-)

I've been suffering from androgenic alopedia for a little over 10 years now. Thanks to all of you (yeah I've been lurking for a while), I finally got the courage to buzz off what little hair I had remaining. I have accepted the fact that my hair will never grow back and strangely enough... I love my new "do"! I feel so liberated and sexy! I can't believe it took me this long to cut it all off!

It seems most of my hair loss is concentrated at the top and sides of my head. Even with my buzzcut, it's noticeable that I have significantly less hair on these areas. I wonder.... would scalp makeup help? Has anyone used this type of cosmetic to cover up thin areas? Any recommendations?

Thanks again!

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I've been reccomending a product over and over it's called xfusion. The person has to have hair for it to work though. I used it for months

what exactly is xfusion?
I found a website for the product: XFusion
The demo video is pretty cool! (I want this now, hehe!)
Amazing stuff if you are a candidate!!! I used it for months and was very satisfied.

Xfusion is a keriten hair product that you sprinkle on and then spray and go. Again you have to have hair to blend it all in. Check the website www xfusionhair.info

One thing I've discovered with being totally bald is that the skin on my head is just as oily as the skin on my face; therefore, I treat my scalp the same way I treat my face -- I just can't imaging putting makeup on my head (even though I'm considering a head tattoo, go figure), so the only recommendation I have is to do what makes you feel comfortable -- but with summer coming on, I wouldn't recommend makeup on your head!



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