Even though my son has had AA last year, I have to ask you now:

How do your bald spots look like? Are they totally without hair or are there tiny blond hairs left?

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Hi there when my daughters hair is shedding there is like a stubble left there like the hair has been broken off, then it goes shiney smooth in a while not sure how long. When it is regrowing there are fine tiny blond hairs really smooth like baby hair.

Hope that helps
How long is it "shiney smooth" until hair is growing again?
Until it decides to start growing again!!!
Annette, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask!!!

As far as my spots are concerned, mine have always been round and totally smooth. I only get the real baby-fine hairs when I am experiencing regrowth.
OK - thanks for your answer! This is what I remember from my son, too. But my daughter has now got small hairs - not too many, but few....
My 8-year-old son lost his hair for the first time about 6 months ago. He was completely bald but now has the baby-fine white hair over most of his scalp. When people talk about "regrowth" is this what they mean or does this "peach fuzz" eventually turn into hair. We are preparing him for the worst but hoping for the best. Ironically, it appears that he's now losing his eye brows despite the new growth on his head. Is this common?
When my 11 yr old lost his hair it looked like he got a bad hair cut -- no areas were baby-bottom smooth he always had stubble as we call it -- he has had constant regrowth and at one point thought "it" was over -- but it started shedding again - I like that description because that is what my son's looks like. Two weeks ago he woke up and had no eyebrows and his eye lashes looked like they were shortened with scissors. I don't know what common is, does anybody? But Owen, my son, had the stubble in the loss areas and full hair growth on most of his head when his eyebrows fell out. Thankfully his eyebrows are growing back in now and his lashes look a little longer. Hope this helps.
Hi Terry yes Nicole gets this stubble too it almost is like the hair breaks off at the roots...............after awhile this disappears and the smooth bald skin is left.

Regards Sharon
My daughters hair grew back but now her left eye brow seems to be "smaller" than the right eye brow......
my son is four and started losing his hair at about 3 1/2, first patches then didnt take long for it all to be gone, and it is shinny and smooth especially when he washes it, he lost his eye brows and eyelashes too, but they came back earlier this year and he still has them, thankfully.
he is so good about having alopecia, I am the one who cries , he says its okay mummy I am still the same old lucas, I will get my hair back one day, how do I tell him that ,that may not happen , we been told by specialists that because of his age and the extent of loss he has less than a 5% chance of getting his hair back.

Just wanted to add a little something here. The stubble that I believe you are talking about is what is known as exclamation hairs. They are hairs that start to grow then alopecia pushed them into a resting state they stop growing and fall out but can feel like stubble.

Hi Annette, mine are slick bald, no hair, bald, I shaved my head to match my spots, I have to shave everyday for my hair to look even.



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