I just started Sulfasalazine a few days ago. I will update this blog with progress, side-effects, etc.. Anyone with experience please jump in!

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Hi Joel,

I don't have experience with this product. But, I wanted to say good luck to you.

Carol B.
Now about 1 week on SS , side effects minimal or none. Alleged to take 3 months - 2 years for results. Waiting................
Hi Marisa,
I am wishing you great luck with the SS. I unfortunately grew alergic to it in about the 2nd week. I felt like a cold or flu and I thought, "it's working it's suppressing my immune system that's why I got a cold". Well symptoms got worse worse worse over next 2 days, I couldnt stay awake more than a couple hours and was out of breath climbing one flight of stairs, then a rash broke out and I had to admit to myself the SS was causing it all. I was stubborn hoping it would work, I didn't want to give up once again. You know how it goes. I hope you do great with it but don't push bad reactions if it happens.
Hi Marissa,

Are you still taking the SS?

Hey everybody. I started Sulfasalazine in March. I lost almost half of my hair due to Alopecia (which I've had on and off for 11 years). As soon as I started taking it, I had regrowth!!! Now it is November and I have about an inch or two regrowth all over my head and even have hair regrowing in places where I haven't had hair in years!!!
Our daughter was diagnosed with AA in April of 2004 when she was 3 ½. She battled bald spots off and on until the fall of 2007 when it progressed to AT. As parents, we did everything in our power of knowledge (and the internet) to try to get her alopecia under control. We want to share our story with everyone out there, especially the parents with children who are suffering with this devastating condition. After our daughter’s aggressive hair loss last fall, we were put in touch with an amazing woman, who is also a nurse, spent hours telling us about the positive results her son experienced with the drug Sulfasalazine. We did not make the decision lightly, but after many hours of research and soul searching, we decided to try it on our daughter. It has been six months since we started the treatment and we are having amazing results. She is closely monitored via blood tests and her body is tolerating the medicine beautifully.

Our daughter has about 95% re-growth and has pigtails!

We know this route of treatment is not for everyone, but as parents who have suffered along with our daughter through this devastating condition, we want to share our story with the hope of helping others. I don’t know why NAAF or dermatologists don’t mention sulfasalazine as a treatment, but I have attached some articles and research studies that have been done on this subject. This is by no means a comprehensive list. A google search will be able to provide you with more information on this subject.

My husband and I would be happy to talk through our experience with anyone. Please spread the word about our experience and email us anytime at lacy1990@live.com.





Hello Emily,

I want to try this treatment but wanted to check in with you to see what happened. Did the regrowth continue? How long did you take the sulfasalazine? What happened when you stopped taking it?

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Hey Joel...
Just stumbled across this posting. How did the Sulfasalazine do for you?
Would like any feedback.

Hope you are well


just read about this... seems quite tempting. The only thing that i'm 'scared' about is the 'temporary' male infertility. will it do any lasting damage they're not sure about... :s



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