Hi Everyone!

In the last few months, I've researched Alopecia and treatments...
I was currently looking through a pamphlet at the Chiropractor's Office that discussed Acupuncture and a mixture of Internal Herbal remedies that have been taken and performed on Alopecia Patients. Although, the results are minimal has anyone ever seeked Homeopathy as a form of treatment rather then the Cortisone Injections... I just thought it was rather interesting, any thoughts???

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Thanks, Ihatehairloss.

I'm about three weeks into my TCM tea regimen. My digestion has definitely improved. No news on the hair front, unfortunately (um, except a new patch on the top of my head . . .)

I am new to alopecia world. I have been dealing with bouts of AA on and off for almoat 20 years. My worst bout with this condition has been in the past year. I have in the past regularly taken steroid injections from my dermatologist and have had results in the past but not this time. About six months ago I stopped all treatments and am now mixing a combination of seven essential oils together and rubbing into my scalp each night. I havs been doing this for about one month and think, just think I am feeling sone little hairs.
Hey TMB,

Where did you get the idea to do that or the guidance on how to make the mixture?
After much on line research, I located this on a holistic web site. I lean toward holistic and knew it could not hurt so I am going to use the essential oil mixture until I use what I purchased. All the oils are organic. There are seven of them. If you want the recipe, I am happy to share it. O got them for an online company out in California. Www.organicinfusions.com. investment is about $200 and you will need to buy a bottle with a dropper which I purchased for $3 from a local compounding pharmacy
My pleasure Theresa- here you go...
This oil blend must be gently rubbed onto the scalp once a day at night before going to bed. Pay special attention to the bald spots but work through your entire scalp. The teatment must be applied every day without a single day being missed. I usually make a batch of the following and have put in a dropper bottle which I purchased at a local compounding pharmacy, this is one of the few times you will use undiluted pure essential oil on the skin. I purchased my oils on line at www.organicinfusions.com. I purchased all organic oils. Good luck Theresa!

3 drops rosemary oil
4 drops geranium oil
4 drops lavender oil
1 drop frankincense oil
4 drops cypress oil
2 drops cinnamon oil
2 drops juniper oil
You are welcome Theresa. I forgot to mention I usually multiply the recipe x10 or x20 so you don't have to keep making it. Maybe a soft cotton beanie would work best once you treat your scalp. Beware your bed pillow will smell like cinnamon but that is not a bad thing!
I'm now about 6 weeks into a TCm regimen. Still no regrowth...



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