So this may be a topic of some controversy but I am hoping to get some feedback from my fellow AAs. I first was diagnosed with AA when I was 7, which very quickly turned into AU within the same year. By my teenage years it started to grow back in very small and patchy areas but I am happy to say it grew fully back by the time I was 17. Now that I am 54 (sigh) my hair is falling out again. I have dealt with small patches here and there throughout the time I had hair but it has come back with a vengeance now. With that said, I have stopped putting anything in my body (vitamins, mineral, supplements, etc) in hopes my system will settle down and start to grow my hair again and it is staring to work. So here’s the part that some people may not like… I have decided not to get vaccinated for the corona virus because I have no idea how my body will react to it and neither do the doctors as the C-19 is so new. My hair is just starting to come back again in bits and pieces and I would hate to get the vaccine and have it start to fall out again. Any thoughts? 

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I am happy that your hair is growing and you are making the right decision for your body. I am with you on not getting the Vaccine as their is no 5 year study on it and to many side affects, your body doesn't need something put into it with out facts. Stay strong and make the right choice for you.

Since you stopped taking vitamins and minerals what do you eat on a daily basis? I want to try that approach and see what happens to my body. I have AU and I'm willing to try anything to try to get my hair back. 

I was wondering the same thing Terrance. I'm going to try and Alkaline diet there's an account on IG that I follow that said if you create a healthy environment for your body it will heal itself.  At this point in my life all I really want is my eyebrows and eyelashes to grow back 

Exactly!  Disease cant thrive in an alkaline environment, because most viruses/bacteria are anaerobic and can't thrive/multiply in oxygen rich blood nor an alkaline system.

Please keep me updated with your progress. I’m going  to check it out myself. I have had AU for over 45 years and now I’m 51 and I would love to have some eyebrows and eyelashes. 

I had the same concerns with my son. He’s 16 years old and has alopecia universalis. He, my husband, and I decided it was best for him to get vaccinated, especially when thinking about a possible cytokine storm reaction from the virus. Prior to getting vaccinated he’d been having pretty good hair growth on his eyebrows, eyelashes, and parts of this face with the use of topical xeljanz cream only applied to his eyebrows. It’s been over a month since he was vaccinated and he’s still growing hair, no loss of recent growth. So far no issues. He barely had a reaction to the vaccine, just a mild fever and headache. 
The concern with too many people choosing not to vaccinate is the spread of infection can mutate more variants which can eventually become resistant to our vaccines. I understand your choice though and in the end you have to do what feels right for you. That is awesome that all your hair grew back at 17. That’s pretty rare. 

You are not alone.  People have been so distracted about this whole cv19 thing that they aren't paying attention to some very very interesting, ethically dangerous, and ultimately devastating facts; the same person who helped manufactured the virus for gain of function is the same person who helped formulate and manufacture the 'gene therapy' jabs. 

Why anyone would trust someone to create a disease meant to kill to think they would create the cure as well is beyond me. They are not vaccines.  They change your DNA and thus your immune response. If you get one jab, you will continue for the rest of your life to need other jabs.  Dangerous and its been proven.  Also, these jabs are only approved for emergency use.  I have always known emergency use to mean when a dying person is in the hospital to receive life saving drugs that have been used off-label to save their life.  The mass population is not dying.  The jabs have killed more people than the virus has.  Proven according to CDC and VAERS data.  

I, like you, think I may have been damaged by a vaccination at a young age which have progressed to alopecia universalis, as well as many different strange illnesses like rashes no one knew what it was, the eczema, then asthma.  There are millions who are choosing not to take the jab, and I'm one of them simply because I know you never do gene therapy or vaccinate for diseases that are treatable.  When you vaccinate, its only for diseases that have no treatment, to help your body have an immune response that is less severe.  I could go on with a lot here on this topic but I wont.  I just dont think the jab is worth it for a disease that can be cured with approved, safer treatments, and that also has a survival rate of 99.8%.

I also think about the Tuskegee Experiment, and what the government told those people and what wound up happening.  I see history repeating itself, and I see the targets haven't changed, just expanded.  Im doing something new, Im fasting and adding very strong probiotics and anti-oxidants to my diet.  Im gonna try that, and then after, Im going to do a heavy metal cleanse.  Keep us posted on how you're doing.

Let me also add that many of the deaths were not viral related, doctors had been told that if a person who came in from a gunshot wound and died, if they tested '+' for the virus, they were told to add them to the death list and write on their death certificate as having died from the virus, not a gunshot wound.  Early on, the deaths came from medical professionals not using the correct ventilator protocol, and using the protocol for ARDS(more pressure, less oxygen) so they were unknowingly suffocating infected patients.  This was from a frontline doctor who was posting on social media from a NYC hospital where he volunteered to help out from another state, he was doing autopsies.

India, was hit hard with the pandemic, and started using anti-parasitic medicines and reduced their infection rates and death rates by almost 85%.  Strangely enough, the thing most treatments for the virus have in common is that they all are anti-parasitic; Quercetin, Zinc, HCQ, Ivermectin, I find that very odd.  They are also suing the WHO for blocking life saving medicine to their country, most specifically, their India representative in the WHO.

Herd immunity is gained by having the sick among the healthy.  It helps the healthy gain an immune response to the virus, an antibody.  Jabbing people doesnt gain herd immunity, as its been proven even jabbed people STILL test '+' for the virus.  If anyone remembers when you were a kid, or if you have kids, you didnt isolate your sick kid from your healthy kid.  They wouldn't stay away from each other anyway.  Some got sick and recovered quickly, others didnt get sick at all, most likely because they gained immunity by being around the sick kids.  And btw, what ever happened to the seasonal flu which also kills many people despite a vaccine?  Vaccines can cause some serious immune damage, that may not show up right away, it can take months even years for the damage to manifest.  Time will tell, and just because some who got jabbed don't feel it now, this hasn't been tested over the long term, so no one knows what will happen in the months and years to come.

The vaccines have not killed 4 million people worldwide and the CDC does not say the vaccines have killed more people than the virus.  This is far right "so called" news sources that are spewing this falseness. 

The vaccines do not change your DNA, that is a myth.  "They do not affect or interact with our DNA in any way. mRNA never enters the nucleus of the cell, which is where our DNA (genetic material) is kept. The cell breaks down and gets rid of the mRNA soon after it is finished using the instructions."   This type of vaccine use has been studied long before COVID19.  "Researchers have been studying and working with mRNA vaccines for decades. Interest has grown in these vaccines because they can be developed in a laboratory using readily available materials. This means the process can be standardized and scaled up, making vaccine development faster than traditional methods of making vaccines. mRNA vaccines have been studied before for flu, Zika, rabies, and cytomegalovirus (CMV). As soon as the necessary information about the virus that causes COVID-19 was available, scientists began designing the mRNA instructions for cells to build the unique spike protein into an mRNA vaccine."


You are absolutely right...these falsehoods have caused and continue to cause confusion and harm.

I am bewildered at why some folks do not use critical thinking before they run and spread information that at it's core is illogical.

Wow your story is almost an exact to mine. AA WHEN 5, then no body hair till 17, then beautiful head of hair for 31 years, then slow progression to AU over last few years. Would love to talk with you! I sent friend request. I have tried just about everything and have a lot of knowledge and experience, as I am sure you do. Looking forward to talking with you.

Your question: Valid Concerns, I had them also, so I waited to see for a while, then decided to get it, Pfizer, in March. Other than a sore arm and tiredness, which is normal, no other signs that AU or immune system was negatively impacted and i am 3 months in. This might help to.  I had micro-blading done 2 years ago for eyebrows, that triggered hair growth, that combination has given me very normal looking eyebrows, so happy. I haven't noticed any change in eyebrow hair since i got vaccine. Hope to hear from you soon.



This is totally valid. I bet your Dr would even support it. The reason we want most people to get the vaccine is to achieve herd immunity so people who have immunological issues (like AA) or are immunocompromised don’t have to yet are still protected. Anyone who tells you you’re selfish or whatever doesn’t understand public health.



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