I'm after some advice on wigs, these two brands in particular as I have heard about them many times, but am happy to have advice on any other brands that offer good quality human hair, are secure and can be styled in an up do. I am now on my 4th bout with alopecia in 8 years and have had to pretty much accept this is likely to be a long term condition for me. I'm only 24 and a big thing I feel I miss out on is being able to style my hair in the way these types of wigs are said to allow. But they are big investments and I really need as much information as possible. 

Firstly I want to know price ranges. Everywhere I read seems to say 'it depends on what you want' and not actually give me any idea of how much. I would want a longer style, probably brunette, with some wave if that was a choice I had. I know they are costly but I need a rough idea of how much as this is something I will have to save for. I'm still a student and live largely from my husbands income apart from some seasonal work. 

Secondly, what are people's experiences with these wigs? Do they live up to expectations? Can you style them up? Are they secure? And does the hair quality last?

Finally, specifically with the Freedom wigs, how long do they take to make? I have a problem that whilst I come from the UK, where I believe there are suppliers, my husband is an English teacher and we do placements abroad. I only spend about 2-3 summer months in the UK right now so I think that could be a problem for the process of having one of these pieces made. Does anyone know anything about this or ways round it? 

Thankyou very much for reading this. 

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Hi Lindsey

I recently purchased a Follea Lifestyle wig - Fall of last year.  I have not worn it yet and stored it in a closet very carefully.  I have Androgenic Alopecia.  Unfortunately the piece is showing signs of changing color from cool blonde to brassy with reddish tones and is now unwearable in this color.  Follea has been very unhelpful too in dealing with this so I would caution you against the investment with Follea.  That's just my experience but they are expensive (several thousand dollars).  I've seen the gripper they have and it looks good but my feeling is they don't stand behind their product.  So in answering your question, in my experience, it has not lived up to expectations at all.

Their prices are listed online somewhere - on their catalog I believe so you can find out exactly the price point.  I loved it when I first bought it but the color tones are shifting before being worn so I don't have great confidence in the product nor the customer service response.  Good luck with your search; you may have better luck personally and the Gripper does get good reports in terms of functionality.

Hi Lyndsey,

I am a Freedom Wig representative here in Canada and also wear a Freedom Wig.  It was life-changing for me to get a Freedom as it was the most realistic hairpiece I have worn since getting alopecia 5 years ago and I went through quite a few different types until I found Freedom.  The Freedom Wig has allowed me to return to my very active lifestyle with confidence.  I run, hike, waterski, swim, workout and do everything without thinking that I am wearing a hairpiece.  It was due to these two reasons that I became a representative here in Canada and it truly is my passion to help others with alopecia.

Your best bet for pricing is to contact your nearest representative for exact pricing and you can find your rep by visiting www.freedomwigs.com and going to the "Contact Us" page.  Your rep would be happy to explain how the appointment works, pricing and timeframe.  You are looking at around 4 months turnaround time and your Freedom Rep would be happy to work around your travel plans.

As for wearing your hair up in ponytails and up do's...absolutely you can.  It is the BEST feeling to wear a high ponytail again!!!  This is a picture of me in the bathroom wearing my casual clip do.  But ponytails are easy to do as well.  My gallery at www.imageevolutionhair.ca has a great picture of a ponytail worn by our Australian Rep.  

I wish you all the best in your search and feel free to ask more questions or message me and I'm happy to explain further.

Warm Wishes


I too have a follea lifestyle wig and I love mine.  As the post refers to below they do need color touch ups every year or two - but the good thing is your hair can be sent back for repairs if ever needed. I will say the quality of the hair itself is stunning. 

For yourself though the gripper would probably be the best choice. There is a lady in Sheffield that wears and sells follea grippers - her blog is below.  I suggest for follea questions go to her. 


Good luck!

I have three virgin European  hair, custom made, hand tied lace wigs from Brenda Kay Hair. I checked into Follea but it was too expensive! Brenda Kay's wigs are beautiful, expertly made and about $3K. They also come with a satisfaction guarantee. She works with women all over the country. I have one of her wigs that I've had since 2006 and it is still beautiful. I have never needed any color touchups. You can contact her in Portland, OR at 503-223-8092 or email her at bkhspecialties@qwestoffice.net . Let me know how it goes! 

I have 4 Follea grippers and i just LOVE them! The hair looks great and natural for 1-2 years and it can be reconditioned afterwards. I have alopecia for 30 year (since i was 5) and Follea îs the best solution for me. The lifetime of a wig depends also on how you treat it. I do not See myself wearing a vacuum solution as i want my scalp to breath even in hot summer days. I am an active person and the grip of Follea îs perfect.
I absolutely LOVE my Follea gripper . I got the Gripper because there was no way I was going to compromise when it comes to security and I'm glad I did !! It is far more secure than my previous Freedom wigs I have had ( I have had 4) I love everything aboout my Gripper it is my new wig for life I will never purchase anything different .

I haven't had any problems with Colour as I got a darkish brown colour and I haven't put any highlights / lowlights or coloured it yet as I haven't needed to I love it how it is . When the hair does lighten or oxidise I will probably think about putting some kind of colour to it but I can't see that happiing any time soon!

I would 100% recommend the Gripper (only the gripper as I have not tried any of the others) to the freedom as The hair loss you experience in the freedoms is a LOT huge in compared to the Gripper by Follea . You will actually find the hair loss you will get in a freedom to be like patches of Alopecia on your wig that get bigger and bigger and bigger and VERY noticeable rather than a very SLOW graduale hair loss that might happen with the gripper and it not been focuses on the one area which in my opinion is sooo much better . I have had my gripper for ages now and I have no hair loss at all like nothing ! I'm soo impressed .

But if you any Question on either I will give you an honest unbiased opinion on both brands of wigs as this is something I am soooo passionate about xx
Front view of my Gripprr

For the Freedom and/or Follea - I've heard human hair is harder, as you have to actually style it. I'm not going to lie, I don't think I ever styled my real hair. In people's experience, what is involved in styling? Is it hard to do? Or can you just wash the wig, detangle?? and let it dry naturally and leave it at that?? Thanks everyone for the input!

I have styled my own human hair, but I wear a relatively straight style. There's a very precise way to wash and dry the hair before styling to keep it from frizzing. If I have time, I will do it. Otherwise I have Brenda Kay take care of it for me. And for travel and workouts, I have synthetic wigs in similar style and color. Just wash and wear! 

Love me Follea Gripper

It looks great! What length is it?

I have been debating between trying the gripper. I have had2 freedom wigs and nervous to try something new that costs so much. How does the gripper fit you and how long do they last? My freedom piece lasts about 5 years with a repair in the middle. Also, i like to run long distances and need something that will not slide off when i get sweaty. 



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