Ok so I'm getting to the point where I need to start looking into my options for supplemental hair. If I could get my hair to stop shedding right now, I would probably be able to pull off extensions, however since it won't stop and the quality isn't so great I don't want to accelerate the issue. So my questiions are, can anyone recommend a good place to go to look at wigs or talk to someone about my options without feeling like I'm getting talked into something, (I'm in massachusetts, btw). Also I am a very active person and I want to be able to have a wig that will allow me to run, go to the gym, and cannibal off a quary (maybe I'm being a bit unrealistic but you know what I mean), I've read a lot about vacuum wigs but since I still have hair I think it would defeat the purpose. Any advise on the different options out there and favorites of people would be much appreciated. Also I have I very sensitive scalp now, it itches and tingles and burns so I'm not sure if a wig would make that worse. Like I said, I'm not quite at the point of needing one today, but at this rate itKs definately time to start informing myself so I can be prepared mentally and emotionally when the day is here

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Have you ever thought of the Toppette hair extensions by Follea? If your hair loss is on top this may be your answer for now.
Carmen West, Hairdresser

No I have not...my hair loss is diffuse so the top of my head is affected to. Does it put any stress on existing hair or is it like a topper that would be bonded to my head?, I ask because my scalp is already sooooo sore and itchy and I have sensitivies to adhesives.

The toppette may not be the best as it is attatched with little clip combs. Are you wearing your own hair out in public or do you wer a hairpiece? I am not a big fan of glue or tape for hairpieces. Call me or email for pictures or other information. call my cell 850-712-3369 or cwestgb@aol.com
Carmen West, Hairdresser

Thank you Carmen. When is a good time to call you?

Hi, I live in Gulf Breeze,Florda and we are on central time. Any time around 8:00 PM your time would work for me. Look forward to speaking with you,


Hey carmen,
I don't want you to think I'm not going to call you. I have been trying to get myself back together. Unfortunately the whole alopecia thing makes getting a bartending job a bit more difficult. I used to be be able to walk into a place with no resume or references and land a job on the spot, but since I don't have flowing hair down to my back anymore its become more difficult for sure...I've been spending most of my nights applying at places, I think ill be doing it again tomorrow but I will call you Friday or Saturday nite...if that is alright with you

Hi Karma,

No problem. You can call me anytime. Do you skype? My Skype: Skype: carmen.west1
I can show you a few hairpieces that may help you feel more like yourself. I am out of the office most of the day, today. My husband is taking me to see Titantic.
May goal as a hair stylist is to give you the freedom to be you! Look forward to speaking with you soon.
I am in the central time zone.
Carmen West, Master Hair Stylist, Specializing in Cutting Human Hair Prosthesis.
Cell 850.712.3369//cwestgb@aol.com//Skype: carmen.west1


I can help you with any information you may need about a Freedom Vacuum Wig. If you pop into my page you will see my daughter wearing hers. I live in New Zealand.... so a long way away from you, but if you thought you would like to email etc. I'm happy to answer any questions. There are two ladies that can help in your home state as well(Debbi Fuller or Laura Hathaway). I'm happy to pass on their contact details.

Good luck with your investigations and I hope you find something that helps you do all you want to do. :)


I wear wigs, and I love them. I only wear synthetic wigs. I would suggest that you call your local wig stores, and see if any of them would be willing to show you the different types of wigs. I would love to get a vacumn wig, but I can't afford it. You might like a topper instead of extensions. There are lots, and lots of options available. I say to do some research before you purchase anything. You should join wigsupport.com. It is a great site with lots of information.



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