Hello everyone reading!

Ok , so a new semester is approaching, and I now want to take that leap, where for the 1st time I'll be going without my wig to college. I'm at a new college with a new slate. Therefore I want to do things differently. I'm really excited however I do have moments of being a bit nervous. If anyone could give me some pointers ( how to go about it, dress it up, reactions recieved, ways to speak on it) from your experiences I would appreciate it sooo much. Can't wait to hear of what it was like for you all who took that step into college. :)

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best of luck

Congrats! That is something to be very proud of. My advice would be just to act natural. Don't start looking around to see if people are looking at you, or else you'll make yourself crazy for nothing. Sometimes people are looking at us. People look at people all the time. It doesn't mean its because of our alopecia. Maybe they like your shirt, earings, nose, eyes, makeup, whatever. We (alopecians) just have a tendency to think people are looking at us because of our alopecia.

Keep that head held high and be proud of yourself!

Hi Jorden, 

Just be positive and happy inside :) , it really reflect and make your surrounding happy. when i went to collage without my scarf for the 1st time i was full of chills and joy... i really want to show people who i really am, a couple of juniors commented after looking at me""look!! she look like alien!!" and i smiled and replied "Thanks for nice compliment" they look at me again with +ve eyes hehehe , girls can be very mean and harsh on you but don't let them hurt you , be strong and happy, your smile says 1000 words about who you actually are. so go girl be strong and +ve . 

Love Monika J. :)


My son is in 8th grade and has had alopecia universalis since 5th grade. His philosophy has and always will be

"my friends like me for me and not my hair!"  As he gets ready to enter high school, with an entire group of new people, and many who have no idea what it is, he says the same thing.  I am more nervous for him than he is, but that's what mom's do.

He has always been so confident. We don't focus on his hair. We focus on his heart, his personality, his talents, his strengths and how to strive to be a better person every day. Alopecia has not been the focus of our lives for over 2  years now and we have never been happier as a family of 5.  When his day comes and he passes on in 100 years from now, his hair will have no impact on who he was as a human being. I hope I have been able to stress that on this site.
Yes, we have tons of people walking up to us on a daily  basis asking if he has cancer, but again, this is not our focus.

Be yourself, be happy and let people know who you are with. With or without hair!

Best of luck and enjoy college and make the best of it. I have 2 other kids in college. 21 and 19! Best experience of your life! Surround yourself with people who make you happy and enhance your life!

Thanks Bonnie

From your story our sons share near identical stories and actually look quite similar.  My son like yours is beginning high school in 2015 and has been without hair since year 5. He finds it hard now to keep friends though has a large group on online friends he plays computer games with. He thinks being bald is not a good look unless you are a fully grown man.  I don't know if this is possible but I think he would benefit from being able to discuss his experiences with alopecia with someone like your son.  We don't know of anyone in our region who shares this affliction let alone someone his age. 

What city and state do you live in?
You can email me directly at
Please inbox me again at
I couldn't retrieve your email for my son to email your son. I am so sorry.
Hi everyone ! This is my first time back since I've posted this. I must say the semester has been a a challenging one. I honestly did not go completely bald. This may sound like an excuse but I never had a good support system most of my family rejected me when it happened , so I still had a few bad voices lingering, and now that I'm in school alone I really didn't have a support system for when I heard more of those comments and received more weird stares. So before I did something like that I Wanted to make sure I had a strong suport system. However, I did do something different, which was I made sure to tell everyone! I like wigs because I've always liked hair. I went bald for a month and realized it was bold, sassy and beautiful but I was also cold, then sweaty, then left with everything that came with it alone since I am not with any friends or family.

There has been a few things I've learned...

1).I like wigs , I like bald, I like the creativity of it. And being bald in Miami is not much different from having hair. Either way you sweat. ;-)

2) the joy of being honest. I tell people now ! Such a HUGE step for me. I've watched people claim me as being valueless. Not fun to hear yet I'm very proud of myself of just facing everyone who compliments my hair (wig) with the truth and enjoying the journey of the many reactions.

3.) step by step, my confidence grows. One-day I will maybe go forever bald. Some days I don't mind. I do my best to embrace the bright side. (Good health, humor, strength, creativity as many of you on here have helped me gain)

Although I didn't get the chance to personally reply to everyone, although we may not know each other physically but by spirit I love you all. You all have helped me sooooo much. You all have made a journey that I just wanted to give up on, not seem so bad, or in fact gave me a new perspective, new options, a new kind of courage. Now, bit by bit , I'm excited to see who actually sticks around rather than dreading watching people leave. Thank you all so much. We're in this journey together and I'm excited to see how we all handle and grow from this throughout life. <3

Hi Jordan! I have alopecia areata. Its funny to say this, but a movie called happythankyoumoreplease has helped me become more comfortable with having this unpredictable condition. Best of luck to you in college! 

Heres the link to the movie summary and rating: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1481572/

First, accept that people will notice you. They will eventually if not at first. Don't let that discourage you. Once the new wears off for them, they won't notice you beyond, well, you. Second, even if you don't feel confident, fake it. Be proud of yourself in every sense of the word. Remember, you are unique, and not all attention is bad. Sometimes, being noticed even if it's for something we do not wish to be known for, can still benefit us. Third, act as normal as you can. It's hard to hope others can treat you normal if you don't feel or act it yourself.

  You will do fine. By the end of the second day, you will start to feel F R E E. And with that begins your new life. Best wishes! Tim

In my opinion, act natural. I lost my hair the summer between high school and college. I wear wigs mostly. But when I don't, because I am in between brands, I act like nothing is wrong, mostly because nothing is wrong. I wear eye makeup and earrings though, and I think that helps me look feminine. I think the best advice I can give anyone with alopecia would be to act confident. It took me an entire year to built my confidence back up. First I started just posting signs around my dorm saying that I am beautiful, after a while I just started believing it. I think alopecia has made me different and more confident in myself. 

The best advice I could give is to walk tall and with confidence. Go with a smile and be the best you that you can be. People you encounter will get to know you from your personalityand not your chosen hair style. 



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