Alopecia sufferer rubbed onion on scalp in bid for hair growth - Crazy or try anything once?

"A woman who lost her hair to alopecia and rubbed onion on it to try and grow it back reveals she's finally embraced her condition. Nikita Laing spent 14 years desperately trying every treatment to cure and hide her androgenic alopecia from friends."

"She said: "It was awful, I thought Minoxidil would be the right option for me but when I went to the pharmacy, I was told it would cost me $300 per month. I was 17 with no job or money, so I went home and cried and cried."

"As I couldn't get medical treatment, I tried lots of different natural remedies. I tried acupuncture, supplements, even mashing up roasted onion and rubbing it into my scalp - all of the disgusting things, I tried."

"The condition would hold her personal life back and affected her relationships with friends and family. She said: "When Minoxidil didn't work, it was like I was grieving all over again. I thought about it every single day, I would plan my entire life around my hair schedule."

"It stopped me from going swimming or camping with my friends and I went from a happy-go-lucky girl to this high maintenance person. For a long time, only my immediate family knew. I would tell my friends I didn't like coming out."

"Now aged 31, the midwife embraces her condition and encourages others to speak about hair loss."

"After years of hiding and trying all sorts of treatment, I finally feel good about it," she said. I've reached a place that I'm really okay about it," she said."

Did she do too much or is the embarrassment of hair loss worth more risk?


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I would just keep on watching and waiting for a cure.    Thanks for teaching us what does not work.

There’s no cure there never will be, if you haven’t noticed cures are not profitable treatments are, have you ever thought what might be the cause of alopecia? Have you ever seen something that’s lists it’s side effects as alopecia? Im seriously asking I want to know if you are aware of products listing alopecia as a side effect?? 

All you tried, I tried too. I didn't roast my onion tho. I am in acceptance. 

I did not answer the question, but I just read a relevant article by someone with alopecia.

The current issue of Guideposts (Dec/Jan 2023) has an article about another alopecia sufferer who now embraces her condition. Tabitha G. Williams,a high school Spanish teacher in Delaware, hid her Alopecia Areata and Universalis and avoided people as much as possible.  She described her faith journey and steps of acceptance so that she finally went without a scarf, told her students about her baldness, and encouraged one of her students who also had alopecia. 

Some people respond to garlic extract. I have had some success with garlic slices but it is very tedious so haven't been able to do it consistently. (And it needs to cause irritation, that's the mechanism, so walking around with a rash and smelling like garlic is also a deterrent.) There are some research articles on it i can post if anyone is interested.



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