I'm new and need some time to read through posts for information but hoping you can help

I have been losing my hair for over 6 years.  When I first told the doc she checked iron, thyroid etc but other than that nothing.  5 years later I told her I was still losing hair.  She checked again and then sent me to a dermatologist.  I guess this time it was more obvious and I was believed.  Dermatologist did a biopsy and I received the diagnosis. I was told minoxidil which I should have been trying years ago.  I have not tried it yet.  Embarrassed to say I tried the igrow for 6 months and nothing.

Not sure what to do.

After 6 months I finally went to get my hair cut.  I was embarrassed because there is so much scalp showing.  And I saw more at the back now.  I am scared and horribly depressed.

Any suggestions.  I really need some help and nobody seems to know anything in the real world on where to go/what to do?

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Once you start using a product like Minoxidil you have to keep using it or it will all fall out again.  The Dr. should have told you that. AU is a autoimmune disorder

Drs. don't know what to say or do for hair loss.  There is no answer. Anything they can offer you is a lifelong commitment and all gain will be lost when you discontinue it.  I have been losing my hair since 2008.  I can see so much scalp all over my head, and of course, nape is bald.  The only place I can tell you to go is the nearest wig shop and browse, try on.  That will be your new normal.  Unfortunately.  Search online for wigs, synthetic and HH. 

I don't even know where to start.  I have looked online.  Why type do I look for and what is HH?

I am so afraid of it flying off or looking fake

Please please do some research on a product called Monat.  It's a haircare system (shampoo, conditioner) that is naturally based.  My son has suffered from alopecia since he was in junior high (he is 25 now).  He took a lot of steroid injections in his scalp. Sometimes they worked sometimes they didn't.  Once he started using the products within a couple of months he had new hair growth.  It may not work on everyone but for him it was the answer.  He hasn't had an injection for a year.  He has a full head of hair again and now has his self confidence again.  I can send you some info on it if you want.  jbenda2014@outlook.com 

okay I will.  Thank you

$55 for about 9 oz.??????  Really?????

that's how much it is?

The Products are not $55 for 9 oz.  They range from $30-$38 depending on the products.

It replaces your normal shampoo so you aren't purchasing a lot of extra products.  I'm definitely not saying that Monat is going to cure everyone but for my son it was the answer.  He was tired of taking the steroid injections so we gave it a try.  For us it was cheaper than medications and much better than putting toxins in his body.  From the sound of these Prednisone posts I'm so happy we took him off the injections.  I had alopecia when I was younger and took the injections also but never had any negative effects but everyone is different.  I'm so sorry to all of you that have had such bad side effects.  That stinks.  I'm a nurse so I know all too well how pharmaceuticals play a game with our lives.  It has got to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Pamela it won't let me reply to you for some reason

That's why I haven't tried minoxidil.  I know it would be forever, that I would shed more to begin with and no guarantee it will even work.  I have very sensitive skin and can just imagine having scalp issues :(

This is Beth.
My daughter has aga. Her doctor recommended Yaz birth control pills + spironolactone. You gradually increase dosage to 200mg. Under a doctor's monitoring. This helps with acne and supposedly hair loss. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Alopecia in general, is so darn unpredictable, you never know what to expect.

I did Minoxidil.  It was pretty cheap at Costco, actually.  I think it was $29.00 for 2 months supply?  The problem was i was using the serum.

When i had to travel - unfortunately, every OTHER Costco had only the foam, which many people said was far more effective.

Long story short, I put it on my temples and crown.  There was immediate hair fallout? And the temples didn't have much to be begin went completely bald and shiny.

The crown, and the back had more hair loss, about a month or so, then fuzz started growing back in.  The temples - were shot.

I stopped it altogether when the temple baldness  went from a palm-sized bald spot to twice  that size..

That's when all hell broke loose.  I went completely bald.  With stubborn little patches of hair left over in the back and the left side.

I hung on to what was left, and started aaaaall over again.

As for birth control pills?  I wouldn't do it.  I've seen people starting their teens on BCPs.  Their hormones are learning how to work naturally, then you have this introduction of "other hormones" that the system  isn't used to or hasn't started producing.

Like anything else that's "induced" into the body, it begins to depend on it, become immune to it, and soon rejects it. Regardless of whether they are teen or adult, it doesn't matter.  BCP's are also big business. Then they have to switch to either a higher/lower dose? or another type over time.  This is for the rest of that person's life or until they either get off the damn things - and the body learns how to attain it's own equilibrium.

For the sake of growing hair?  Not worth it.  Once your daughter gets off the BCP - just like minoxidil, etc., the body goes back to square - one.

Acne is a phase, or a way of life for every one.  I'm 55 and still have to deal with it, every month.  But young folks with acne have no idea, how lucky they'll be when they get older.  There's enough sebum to keep their skin oiled/moisturized at 50 - where the high school grads with the clear complexions usually get all the wrinkles.:)

it won't let me reply to each person?

I am too afraid to try minox.  Chances are it wouldn't work for me.

Birth control not really an option at my age.

Wigs...where do I go?

So depressed it's scaring me.



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