I'm a gambler with 10 years of experience, and never saw anyone with Alopecia playing casino games.

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You know, maybe those who suffer from alopecia are indeed prone to gambling, but I haven't found any confirmations in any scientific articles for this assumption.
Generally, talking, I wouldn't say that gambling is so dangerous and addictive. The most important is to be aware that it is just a game and nothing more.
I play casino games for a few years, but it is a hobby that helps me relax and have some fun.
Last three months, I used to play casino games for bitcoins.
If you want to try gambling for bitcoins, check a site where you'll find the Best Bitcoin Casino Site in the USA.

I saw many people with various stages of AA gambling, I honestly doubt there are any links between these two things.

Not my case for sure. I've AA for more than 30 years. I've struggled with some alcohol addiction and think of myself as a very impulsive person, but one addiction that I've never ever had or understood is gambling. I've already played in some casinos but never felt attracted to enter this compulsion.

Honestly, I can't understand what Alopecia and gambling have to do with each other.
If a person is prone to gambling, he will gamble regardless of anything.
For example, I love gambling, and I used to play Dragon Tiger every weekend. This is my favorite casino game. First, it is extremely simple, and I am pretty good at it.
If you'd like to try gambling but lack experience, you should start with this game.
Also, you may try poker. It is a bit more complicated but is very exciting.
Regardless of the game you choose, remember that all these games are risky and can't make you rich.

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They have a small selection, I prefer to play here https://www.casinoslotsmoney.com/. There's more choice and it's possible to connect services for codes. Sometimes I make a deposit and you can go into a team game. So even if this site had online games I think they would be limited by some of the possibilities. Sometimes you can ask for access to expensive bets if it's a casino but I don't like to just pay to play. I need a story and a line of development and that's not here. That's why I only play the tried and tested old games.

If you have a good understanding of the system, I suggest starting a business together

I wouldn't mind starting a business with someone else, but not in a casino. I have another idea, but I don't have a patent on it yet. But I don't think anyone would be able to do it on their own. You never know, I'll tell you. I found a software for creating bookie sites on https://bossaction.com, if you know what betting and different types of betting in sports are. If for example I want to organise this site, can you as an expert help me to develop it? I want people not just to make bets, but to choose the most convenient odds for me. I am not talking about fraud, purely business. Since the software is working, is it possible to try and get it all done quickly?

Then I want to take the Add-on or get them. I remembered the story of how my friend was teaching me how to play poker and getting me ready to go to the casino. I tell him that I like to play https://wolfwinnercasino.com/mobile and there are a lot of different ones, but he started answering me - Underdog or Shark, I was still surprised. What is the meaning of these concepts, and then we began to learn all the terminology together. It felt like I was learning a foreign language or different slang that had been invented by someone before us.

To be honest, I haven't heard about it

I wouldn't recommend sticking to local casinos, especially if your domestic gambling market is not so developed. Don't get me wrong; it doesn't mean your local casinos are bad. However, international casinos likely offer better welcome bonuses and more opportunities to deal with chips. I play on Judi Slot Online, as it grants a huge variety of games regardless of where I'm from. Also, some casinos could offer cool real-time interaction with players, which is entertainment. It's something worth trying.

It is known that the tendency to lose hair can be genetically determined (programmed). Still, several other causes can contribute to the development of alopecia. But this has nothing to do with the fact that people with alopecia are prone to gambling. It's the same if we ask if hairy people are prone to gambling. Gambling comes to a person through several many factors. Here, for example, is one of them. A man does not stop gambling when the volume of bets is increasing. It is fueled by the growing acuteness of sensations. Personally, I have also encountered this. But I was able to overcome it. Learned to accept losses. And now, playing at https://fairgocasinovip.com/login, I make a fortune.



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