My first signs of alopecia were approximately 4 years ago. Usual bald spots , first on stubble then on crown. The local GP had nothing of any value to add to what my limited research already knew.

Anyway , as I grew my hair longer to cover up the bald patches I was doing ok and getting by , but I knew it couldn't last. So eventually, as the bald patches couldn't be covered any longer, in February 2016           I shaved my head. 

Obviously weird at first and difficult to get used to but I've had nothing but positive reactions from people saying I look even better than I did with hair ! 

So back to what caused my alopecia and search for a 'cure'.  I knew anything applied topically was only treating the symptom rather than the root (excuse the pun !) cause of the problem. Surely the problem was deep within my body and that my immune system was reacting to that problem. My hair falling out wasn't the problem , it was the symptom. I haven't been particularly careful about food and alcohol during my adult life , you may even say a little reckless but that is not unusual in my experience.

So the crux of the matter is this , I suspect my immune system has been fighting something within my body , cancer perhaps ? In it's fight it has attacked fast growing cancerous cells and also hair follicles , hence the alopecia. I have an appointment to see my GP in the next couple of weeks to explain my 'other' symptoms and hopefully have exploratory procedures conducted.

I will of course keep you posted on what happens , but I am very interested to know who else has developed other diseases and how long after developing alopecia.

Kind regards


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I actually think I developed another auto-immune disorder first, then started losing my hair.  Research seems to say that if you have other autoimmune issues, hair loss is most likely permanent. I just found a new dermatologist that I have to ask about my hair loss.  Alopecia itself is an autoimmune disorder.

Colere , thank you for your reply. I'll let you know what my GP says. I suspect he won't be able to tell me anything until I've had tests and the results returned. My loss of hair in itself is not a problem for me , I'm used to it now. But I'm concerned what the underlying cause is.
I too have had your same concerns. I've had several tests in the search for a cause of my alopecia but nothing has shown up yet.
Heisten , I will let you know what my GP says and any test results. Will be a few weeks from now.
When did you first notice the signs of alopecia ?
I saw some of my beard disappear last October then my scalp started to get thin in January of this year and I shaved what was left off in April. Then gradually been losing the rest of the hair on my body since then.
I did 28 days of the whole 30 diet and have been pretty good since I finished it on July 3rd but no regrowth. Probably would be good if I quit my wine on the patio in the evenings but just can't give that up totally was tough enough for 28 days.
Aimee , it's good to know you are getting some hair back !
I am bald , but have a light beard eyebrows and lashes.
I have noticed over the last year the hair on my arms and legs
has become patchy. I certainly don't think my hair will return anytime soon.
Same here Aimee. I'm the only one in my family with AU in all generations on both sides. However, other autoimmune disorders run in my family like asthma, allergies both food and seasonal, eczema and now with me also possibly RA.

You should check out my post as to what my thought process is.  I'm thinking a lot like you in that, autoimmune disease is the body fighting something where it innately belongs.  I realized I have 4 autoimmune disorders and I realize that combating inflammation is key to the cure.  I've heard stories of people with RA getting chemo to help reboot the immune system to correct it from working in overdrive.  But if you get a chance please do check out my post

Thanks for replying, I've been studying the raw food diet and think this maybe
one solution to better overall health. But it's so hard to get started ! The only thing
I've managed to do is eat less bread and less refined sugar. I'm taking ginger, tumeric
and multi vitamin supplements regularly. I need to do more but have to work out a regime
and stick to it.
I have AA. I went on the paleo diet and got full regrowth, I drank for the first two months on it. Cut that out after I wasn't satisfied with the results. I have a full head of hair just waiting for the blonde hair to regain its pigment, which about 30% has after 5 months. If I would of been 100% compliant I'm sure I would be seeing faster results and I feel way better also.

Congrats, cocopuffz! I'm always glad when I hear of others experiencing success with diet. May I ask how long it took for you to first see regrowth?

I was about 2-3 months in. Was pretty good except the alcohol. Now it's a stand still with blonde hair as little by little it turns back to black. So I still shave it, just have more black every week!



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