Hello all, this is my first post here on this site and I am so glad I found this forum I have been dealing with bad wigs for the last year or so and am tired of all the money spent on wigs ruining any chance I have of growing back what little hair I have left. My hair loss is diffuse all over and I am to the point where I can no longer get away without a wig. No one knows the cause of my hair loss but it all got drastically worse when I had someone talk me into microlink extensions which ripped out almost half my hair then once I couldnt afford them and my hair was too thin to cover the links. Then I was talked into weaves which were so painful I finally gave in and saved up the money for a custom wig which is way better but I still find that my hair is being ripped out. She at first did even tension beehive braiding with a pole thing and now we attach it
using point bonds but I still feel that my hair is being thinned out to the point where I will have to shave it. I don't want to have a wig I have to take off and I want something that I can swim in. I just don't want to ruin any chances of my hair growing back. I feel like the follea sport gripper would be my best bet but I just spent almost two grand on a half wig and won't be able to get another one for quit some time so any suggestions for now?

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My heart goes out to you. This is a very important decision for you, so really think about what the issues are and what you personally need to put them right.

I just read your other post re the curly hair/frizz I will answer that in a moment as well.

Is your want to hold onto the hair that you currently have??? If that is the case then wigs that clip into your hair may be a good choice. The Gripper Sport would require you to shave your head to achieve the security you may be after and it is not recommended that you swim in Follea wigs (including their 'Gripper'range). So that may not be the best option for you for you at this time (of course don't discount it either).

Growing hair breaks when it is put under pressure (even normal life breaks growing hair, but of course it replaces itself). Your choices so far seem like they haven't worked extremely well, but have met some of your requirements...is that right? But the hair breakage that naturally occurs with the attachment methods used for microlink extensions and weaves is damaging the hair you have, which must be horribly stressful.

I would really consider writing a list of what you need for yourself. What your wishlist is going to be about. Once you have done that you may feel clearer about what option is going to work the best for you...I don't feel anything would bet your own growing hair, but their are alternatives that do work well for people.

Some of the things to consider are attachment methods, Cap alternatives (lace, conventional, mixed caps, lace and silicone or vacuum wigs), the three different hair options (synthetic, processed human hair- there are many names used for this type of hair, or the last alternative 100% unprocessed virgin human hair). Hair attachment to the cap(handtieing, wefts, injection or the implantation that Freedom vacuum wigs use which is very unique.

Once you have done your homework about what is available and what is going to help you the most, start contacting people that sell wigs, working to find someone who connects with you and your needs.

Good luck with everything. I know this is very stressful.



I would love to get freedom hair but theyre so expensive, cant afford them=(

Thank you so much for your response, I would love to keep the hair I have but who knows if it will ever really grow back. Right now I have a half wig and she attaches it using point bonds which seems much better then the lumpy braid she did before. It still seems to wiggle around a bit if I scratch or brush too hard but it lays flat which is nice. I am guessing that if I did shave my head having a wig glued to it still wouldn't allow for regrowth. May I ask why you can't swim with the follea gripper?

I am kinda glad follea may not be the answer for me because they are so expensive, I have a very oily scalp so I am thinking it might not work.

I'm not an expert on Follea Grippers and it may pay to ring them. From the information I have read and seen, swimming could make this type of wig less secure. Silicone alone does not create extreme security when water is involved/the same issues could arise if perspiration and oils were to build up on this type of cap - security could be compromised.
The attachment method of these wigs means that they are handknotted on the top and have wefts down the sides and back, knots can undo if sea water or chlorine are involved. The hair used on most Follea Grippers is Processed ...so you need to be careful with fading (which could be exacerbated with Chlorine or sea water. Fading happens with all hair even 100% unprocessed hair, but processed hair would normally fade faster. Tangling and knotting could also occur, again processed hair does sometimes exhibit these problems.
Give them a ring and see what they say. :)

PS I rewrote this as I felt it could be construed as inappropriate. Follea are not a bad hairpiece, but like with all wigs you need to do your homework on what is going to suit you.

Wow, you have been through it all, seems like everyone keeps promising that their method will work and is safe but your results show differently.
It has been my experience that clients that refuse to stop wearing hair 24/7 eventually pay the price by losing the hair they do have. Swimming in chlorinated pools is the most damaging chemical on anyone's hair and the chlorine ruins hair. There are numerous products claiming to protect or remove the chlorine but in my experience none of them are effective. Also, the added weight of the water in human hair stresses the bond even more, making your hair even more vulnerable.
Shaving and boning also results in hair loss after awhile, and since you seem to be one who's hair falls out easily, I would not consider this unless you are willing to lose more hair. IF you can find someone that is committed to protecting your hair, it is possible that your hair can be protected, but most professionals are not informed or unwilling to spend the time it takes to carefully remove, prepare the scalp and re-attach.
My suggestion is to get the swim cap, buy a good quality wig and remove it nightly to give your hair the best chance at re-growing. There are many ways to make the wig secure during the day that are safe, but once you insist on sleeping/swimming, you will put your hair at risk.

Well I might just have to start shaving and give up on the hair regrowing. Right now the point bonds seem to be the best. I like to have more of a permanent wig that only is taken of at the salon. I don't really swim that much but like yo know that I could if I wanted to.

Hi Serene,

Why don't you try wearing a wig grip comfort band? It's a band with a grip that you simply slide your wig onto instead of clipping it to your hair. It's comfortable and makes you feel like you aren't wearing a wig. I got one for myself a short while ago and since then I feel like a different person! I got mine at www.myheadcoverings.com- you should check it out and see if it works for you. Good Luck!


  What kind of wig does this work with?? I wear the gripper, sounds like similar results. How does it grip to the wig? Sound like a good option.

Sorry Christine. I just saw your reply! better late than never...It works with any wig or head scarf. Its made of a soft velour fabric - very thin and the nap of the fabric holds the wig in place. The one I wear is made by Milano. I tried other brands but they were all thicker than the Milano. Once you have one, you can remove the clips or combs from the wig completely and the wig grip will hold on one side to your hair/or bald scalp and the other side to your wig or headscarf.



  I wear a Follea gripper cool, which does not require me to shave my head, the silicone is just around the edges of the wig, so those areas need to be smooth, but not necessarily shaved I have white Alopecia hairs through out my head and I just buzz it from time to time, and have never had a problem with it, it is very secure with no tapes or glues needed. I agree that a swim wig would be a great choice for swimming, I would not want to add undo stress to my hair, or color which can happen with swimming.  Best of luck with whatever choice you decide on. But I just wanted you to maybe look into all your options with the different types of wigs that Follea does offer. Hope this helps.

I would love to wear Follea but alas I don't think I would be abel to afford one for quite a while. I even looked into being a rep because I want one so bad but it costs over a thousand just to start up :( Maybe one day. 



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