Guys! Guys.

Ophiasic as heck over here these days. Really feeling like I am finally ready to bite the bullet and get a great wig. Tired of the (mostly passable) craft project that my self-styled hair has been for the past four years, and anyway, there's barely enough left for me to hook my coverups on anymore. Especially bad is how I'm having to create the illusion of a hairline in front/at the temples.

Need to know who's good around these parts (I live in Central VA but am up for a field trip) who is artistic, understanding, familiar with this condition, and can deal with varying hair textures. I am Greek and Filipino but my hair is almost like certain varieties of African hair. I loved my natural hair and would like to approximate it. Also willing to invest a good bit if the quality is great.

Any words of wisdom from those who have trodden the path are most welcome.

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Get a freedom wig.  Google it.  Also there are videos on youtube.  Word of caution, they are very expensive. 

I don't know anyone in your area, may want to look into Brazilian and/or Peruvian hair - that may be closer to your bio-hair than Indian or European.  There are lots of sellers on eBay -- just search for African, Brazilian, or Peruvian human hair wigs and you'll see plenty of sellers and pix.

I googled Washington DC wig makers and found JOI Salon and also Tokyo Stylez (he apparently creates units for several celebrities).

Also, if you haven't really explored wigs before, you're going to want to learn more about them -- specifically, the different types of hair, caps, and adhesion systems available.  You'll want to know the difference between monofilament and classic cap, full lace versus lace front, tape versus glue versus silicone strips versus vacuum (e.g., Freedom wigs are vacuum wigs and work best when you have no hair at all), Indian versus European versus Brazilian/Peruvian/African hair, etc.

Wigs are a very personal shopping experience and you're going to go through a trial and error period -- we all do.  Don't be discouraged if the first wig isn't exactly right.  You'll learn what fits and feels best on you.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. :) 

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Is there a reason why you are pushing your product on this particular thread -- and so aggressively?  Your posts here read like spam.  The OP had a serious question and instead of actually writing a substantive response, you are hijacking this thread with your sales pitches -- all of which are irrelevant anyway, since the OP didn't ask for the things that you're trying to sell.  

Yes because i have discoid lupus and had problems finding have that was truly pure hair. I used to get injections in face and scalp. Now i have after much testing of many hairs imported i found hair that i could wear even have wigs made and no more injections. My own hair has begun to grow because of no synethic fibers to weaken or draw moisture from my hair. Bald spot will not return but sure is thicker and lobger around.
My doctor is impressed and suggested i join some lupus clinical research. Im in the goal study for discoid lupus over a year now. I haven't flared in over two years now. If I irritate you please except my apology. It is not necessary to spend what i have seen people hete spend on wigs or hair. Buy really good true hsir tske to wigmaker or if you can weave sewin like i do i have proven the best due to my personal affliction.Sharing is caring. For you my dear i will back up. Thousands like me is the only reason I statted my site. Sure its not for everyone.

Now i will find a makeup to cover my scars that doesnt come off and is my skin tone. Currently using dermablend and several others i have to paint my face for areas with craterd. I have a youtube to show another how to cover scars. I even share the cleanserd i use that dont irritate my skun. So the answer to your question is Yes there is a reason.

Thanks for the reply.  Your earlier posts made you sound like a spambot, which is what I thought you might be since you ignored the OP's actual questions.  You've got experience with Brazilian/Peruvian/Malaysian hair and you could actually have shared that experience with the OP right up front.  

Stacie thank you for your valuable reply. I did go at it wrong and i appreciate you saying so. I am trying to find a way to help others and save them money and time. It took me two years sampling hair and getting my customs. Now im trying to find a custom wigmaker. I have had wigs made with my hair and its great but i want to offer to other's through my business
If you have tine here is the Video im in with Emory Research on Discoid luous study.

I also have a blog post on this site.
Thanks again.


Sorry I did not reply before, but I did greatly appreciate your thoughtful response and it was a launch pad to the research I've been doing for the past couple months. I will definitely PM you if I have a burning question in future. Thanks and all the best to you!

Also: I am loving your unleashing the whoop-a$$ on the (what seem to be, at least) thinly-veiled sales pitches, here and elsewhere. Crackin' me up over here  ;)

@ curly1982 i owe you an apology i should have shared my personal experience that might have been more helpful to you. Please accept my apology.
I too have hair loss due to Discoid lupus. I also have scaring and sensitivity to the sun.

My my scalp would become flacky patches that itch and then hair would disappear. I was given cortisone injections. It wasnt to save the hair it was to calm the flarr. By 2011 i had a bald area at the crown. I tried what they had and was calling human. I tested many and they all irriated the scalp. I spoke with my doctors about the hairs. One Dr. told me about people who donate there hair. I google and that is what started my journey.
I found out that this was a regular ritual in india. Then i found i could buy the hair and i also found suppliers that i could purchase from. I tested many of them as well even solitated professional.
Long story short i found this exceptional hair i could buy.still for my personal use. After wearing the hair 8 months i was lead to start an ecommerce to help others. This is how i started Beautiful You Hair Extensions.



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