Anyone tried Biotin?

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I've taken it but not on a consistant basis, I also tried Silica but that did nothing for me. I know some have used the vits for hair and I think Biotin is in them. Let us know if you have any luck with this.

Biotin I don't think is really for hair LOSS.  Rather, for growing healthier hair.  I mean I don't think it is for alopecia.  I of course tried it and does nothing.  Like most other things.  I guess maybe I seem to not believe in remedies,  but some people seem to believe in things, and yes, maybe they actually do work for them, or maybe it is just coincidence if they do work. 

Ciao I'm Simone from Italy, i have alopecia areata universalis from  12 years. I've taken Biotin for different years. About Biotin i can say this:

1) Biotin helps in re-growth of new hair but the hair is weak thin  without keratinizing..without colour

2) nails and hair grow faster with biotin

4) Biotin is very effective for the growth of eyebrows

biotin definitely helps in our disease, but it's important that you take a high dosage and choose a biotin supplement of excellent quality. I had taken for three months  20mg/day in a supplement and I had not seen any regrow; then I changed my supplement and I took 3 months 5mg/day  biotin  and I had the regrowth of eyebrows.I recommend a sublingual supplement of biotin. that the sublingual is to place a medicinal product under the tongue and wait for it to be dissolved after a short time, is a form of very rapid intake and therefore much more powerful.  Biotin is important but lacks another ingredient that make begin the process of keratinization of hair. Maybe can be vitamin D3??.

I am currently taking Bioton 1000 ug, this I suppose must be a high does.

Yeah.....I throw it into the mix with all the other possible 'remedies'.  One thing I can say is that it really makes my nails strong.



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