Hi everyone!  I am new to this site and i'm wondering if anyone has and recommendations for blonde human hair wigs.  I was diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia at the beginning of the year and have been wearing wigs for about 6 months...i'm on my 3rd wig already!!

My first human hair wig lasted about 2 months before he hair fibres started sticking out...almost like static to the point where I couldn't wear it down anymore and had to constantly tie it back.  My second wig I have had for 2 weeks and already it is starting to do the same thing....i'm at my wits end! I have wasted so much money.  I just want a blonde wig that will last at least 6 months :-(

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good supplier?

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Where did you get your wigs from?

I have two human hair wigs that were on their last legs, then I found some techniques to revive them. Try an apple cider vinegar soak (you can look up the ratios online but roughly 1:2 vinigar to water. I followed with a deep conditioner and it made the hair soooo much better. I don't have any advice on where to buy wigs. I would think blonde would be hard because they are bleached. I've been trying to find a cheaper alternative too. So far mine have been custom made from a salon. I'm new to this site but am finding most people are reps of some place trying to sell their wigs. I want real people's experiences, not someone with a vested interest. Let me know if you find a place!!! I did look at some synthetic options while I was at the salon lasttime. It doesn't feel the same but looked the same for sure! If the human hair is only lasting a few months you might want to try synthetic, it's much cheaper and will last the same amount of time.
Thanks very much for your reply. I will try the apple cider vinegar for sure. I did try a synthetic at first but it started to tangle after a few weeks and drove me insane. I will let you know if i find a good supplier. I am looking at hairalicious.com another lady posted a reply to one of my other threads saying she has had hers for a year and its still holding up really well. I will let you know if i give them a try.

Google: gardeauxwigs

Check out Gardeaux Wigs. Gardeaux Wigs is on etsy.com, facebook.com, instagram.com, and YouTube. This lady from Santa Rosa, California, buys 100% human hair, high-quality wigs [mono-filament, lace front, silk-top, etc.] -- then she cuts and colors them. They all have “roots” and highlights/lowlights. Absolutely brilliant! She has all different prices -- but nobody knows it’s a wig! Beautiful!! Excellent reviews.


Powder room D.com is where I get mine they are synthetic but great quality and cheap.. I LACE them and so many to choose from.

About blonde wig, you can have a look at the http://www.stylelacewigs.com/hair-weave-c-1/

I would recommend Follea.  They have beautiful blonde Human Hair wigs.  They have the most realistic hairline I have worn.

I have worn a hairpiece since I was 10.  I have alopecia universalis.

You should check them out.



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