I have had a bad experience on buying a wig from Wig Sis.  They are in China and advertise custom fit wigs and money back if there is a problem..  They will not give your money back.  They sent me a small wig when I ordered an average wig.  They offered me a 15.00 money back for a 189.00 wig that is way too small.

Please use American companies if you live in America so you can have help if a company cheats you out of your money.  Don't use WigSis.  It is a scam

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I am sure it is a scam, but that is not saying American businesses don't take you for all they can and don't offer money back.  

I'm using ponytail extension(from hairplusbase.com), they are of good quality and I see that they also sell wigs, but they from China too, and I didn't use the wig...

Hi, Jo have you tried silkawigs?  they do custom hairpieces as well. I used their custom wig online service and my wigs come out exactly how i order it, also they are located in Ontario Canada. You can give them a try and let me know

Thank you. I will give them a try

Ok and let me know how it goes. Take care

Hi hairloss1 - 

I also order from Silka wigs. can you please tell me what type of hair you order? The last two I've ordered were European virgin hair but because they've raised their prices I can no longer afford it so Im wondering what their Brazillian hair is like. Please let me know if you've tried it or not!


WHAT??????Payday loans?????? $1000 not a lot of money.?????? Who are you??????

Good Human hair wigs do not come cheap, that being said, you need to ask questions and become as smart as possible to increase your chances of getting the wig you want and need. Here are some of the things you need to ask, is the hair cuticle interacted meaning just like ones own hair you can feel that the hair has not been striped of the cuticle. You want hair that comes from a ponytail off of the donor. You do not want hair that has been cut and hit the floor. In order to reduce the tangle of human hair you want the hair to be installed into the cap all in the same direction or I promise it will tangle. Is the wig wefted or all hand tied?. Does the cap have adjustable tabs at nape of neck? Do the ear tabs have metal stays to keep close to your head. Is the hair installed so that you can part it in any direction at the top of the wig, (multidirectional) . Is the hair styled or do you need to find a stylist to cut and style the wig?. What type of hair and what density is the wig? Is the front of the wig lace front? Does it have baby hairs in front? You have to measure your head according to the company you are ordering it from and then be sure to measure it when it arrives from the company. Is the top of wig monofilament or silk top? Think about how you want to secure the wig. Wig band, two sided tape or will a wig cap help it stay secure. Color, ask if you can buy a color ring, you cannot tell color alone by pictures. It is no easy task to buy a human hair wig online. It is best if you can find a salon that carries human hair wigs. You also need to maintain a human hair wig so that it lasts as long as possible and you are going to have to have hair added to it over time. You need sulfate free shampoos and you need to condition it in a way that does not lossen the knots that tie the hair into the cap. Ask if they service the wig. I love to help those with wig wears and if you want to hit me up with questions I will do my best to answer. That being said, synthetic wigs are an option and need less care, but they need to be replaced several times a year. 

Alo-Mom,  great advice.  I've been going through alopecia for the last ten years, and have spent ridiculous amounts of money on hair.  The financial part of "hair" can really put a strain on a relationship,  not to mention the emotional, and I'm still looking for the perfect hair.  I have always admired the photos of the Follea and Freedom hair pieces, but can't handle the emotional part of taking my hair off every day.  I have a custom bonded unit that I have completely glued on which has to be serviced every month.  It is ridiculous what the hair salons charge for this hair along with the service.  I saw an order form once and there's a 300% markup.  Plus, they just don't last!  Also, my units never turn out right from a density level.  Almost always too thick, and most of the stylist don't know how to do a good cut in to make it look somewhat natural.  I also have to have hair added in the part which it's hard to find a salon that has a venter on site.  Actually,  I'd love to learn how to vent my part.  I really wish they're was a convention/conference with vendors, stylist, people to give tips on density/hair direction, cut ins, techniques, hair powder for the hairline (Swanson works great), highlights/lowlights, different attachment techniques, tips on depression, ect.  I feel like the more informed you are with all the details,  it gives you more empowerment.  I know from a personal standpoint how hard emotionally and financially draining dealing with alopecia can be.  PS: Alo-Mom would love more advice from you.  You hit on excellent points.  Thank you! 

hi Jennifer, Have you tried laser cap treatment for alopecia. I am not sure whether it is effective or not, but there are many people trying it. Maybe you can have a try.

My friend had a similar problem. He ordered a wig on the internet but the wig was sent in poor quality. And he had to send it back and wait for his money. A friend could not wait so long since he had an important event where he should look good. He had to take a loan in these same day money to buy a new wig. Lucky to a friend he all turned out the event went well and he returned the day. Do not order wigs over the Internet you can not check their quality until you received it.

Use WigOutlet.com!! It's Wigs.com's discount site! You can get human hair wigs for half off or more and they re-style them and make sure they havent been worn and everything. That's where I get mine!



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