Ok well , i a newbie and i may not speak english very well but all i need is a little help from somebody that real knows my problem.
I am only 17 and i have A T since i were 7 .
Even if ten year passed i can not get used with it. I feel like i can't endure how the others are looking to me. I see in their eye only misery . I feel awful. I feel like i can't have a social life , even if i have it anyway , it is just the way i feel.
I don't know what should i do . I have lots of questions.... for this " Alopecia World "

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Welcome. What else would you like to talk about? You are among friends here.

I have had AU since I was 4 or 5, I am 35 now.

Its tough being different in the teenage years, but that cant stop you doing things. If you are feeling bad then go out and do something that will make you smile or laugh. While you cant control alopecia you can control the things that you enjoy.

Well i feel everytime that we all could live the same life as anyone and i really don't even think about my problem. What it bothers me are the others who really think about my problem and think at smth else like cancer or any other worse disease. This is making my life so bad .. i can't even get somewhere without having a name on my face " freak "



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