Has anyone tried CBD oil both topically or orally to treat alopecia. I have worked in dermatology for 15 years and am well aware of all the treatment options, however, my 14 year old son has lost 70% of his hair, we have done all the appropriate treatment plans.

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I don’t think CBD will help with it per say, but it will help him with the stress that might be contributing to the hair loss. When I take it in capsule form, I feel calm, not high or weird feeling, just calm, and I bet it might help in that department with some people. My two cents, maybe someone knows more then me about the subject:) 

Nah, Im on CBD oil right not 0% thc and it has dont nothing for my hair growth.

I´m glad I found this Discussion Thread. I have seen tremendous success, applying Organic Hemp CBD Oil daily to my scalp at nighttime before bed. I have been taking daily, weekly and monthly videos to trake my progress, check out 5 months here of Hemp CBD Oil use: https://youtu.be/UjmIXitDrH4

So this is definitely a long, and for me a little confusing, read but it is very interesting and if you wanted a base point for more research on the subject this would be a great place. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2757311/ .... basically the article is about your bodies endocannabinoids, from my basic, dummed down, impression, this is what the cannabis targets or is broken down within (I'm sure it's much more complex then that). Anyways it goes into a discussion on it's roll, among many things, within hair loss and immune diseases. Though I'm not sure if a topical oil would solve hair loss, the herb itself could potentially in some form, based on what this report discusses. 

CBD Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair Loss & Hair Care - 6 Month Review

In this video, I continue to track my progress using Organic CBD Hemp Oil and discovering the Benefits for my Hair Loss & my Hair Care Routine.

I currenly use Organic Hemp CBD Oil daily on my scalp and hair to Naturally Treat Hair Loss, Thinning Hair & for Hair Regrowth, as well as using CBD normally under my tongue, especially for post work out recovery, muscle soarness and as a supplement for sleeping and relaxing in the evening.

I am currently using CBD Oil from Cannactiva 5% solution.


Ty for all the responses. We have used CBD Oil nightly, sublingualy and not really seen any improvement. He takes an antihismine at night and uses a mild topical steroid. My son also, now has, Alopecia Totalis. We have recently completed 2 laser treatments with a Pharos/ Eximer laser that has provided some pigment change. (Hopefully those hair follicles are waking up)  It has been 6 months since the total loss of hair, at this point it should be growing back on its own.

You know CBD oil is a very versatile natural medicine that helps with many human health problems. I recently studied treatments with CBD oil and found an amazing article https://greenpapas.com/blogs/cbd/is-cbd-oil-safe-for-dogs. As it turned out CBD oil can be taken not only people but also dogs. I will definitely try to give my pet CBD treats.

Its very useful

I think yes, cannabis oil can help you with that. Cannabis oil is actually a very good natural pain remover, I know that from my personal experience. I had some back pain after an injury and my medic recommended me cannabis oil. You know what? It really helped me, I feel much better to know. If someone is interested I buy cannabis from getkush.io. You better try this cannabis oil, and see if it will help you, you won't lose anything, I can assure you that. Have a nice day.

I very often read different magazine reviews and I can say that Blessed CBD gummies UK are recognized by many magazines as the best. I think this is no coincidence, because this brand really has a huge number of positive reviews! These are not all the benefits, I think you should go to the site and read more!

I do. I am buying CBD oil, or edibles from weedsmart.net. I don't know about you guys, but for me these things are very relaxing. Furthermore, I just use them after a hard-working day. Not only that, but I am actually really glad, that more and more people are start using light drugs, and become more friendly about it. I am sure that one day marijuana and other light drugs will become legal in a lot of countries. What do you think guys about this? Do you agree with me?



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