I'm 18 and I will be going to college in a couple of months. I was diagnosed with alopecia last year and now I am bald and have no hair. I have a wig and I wear it everyday to school. I only told two people about it and they are my closest friends. Though it is working now, what do I do in college? Do I tell everyone that I have alopecia and that I have no hair? I am scared that people will make fun of me and bully me. But my sister told me that if I tell everyone, I can wear different wigs everyday and I can be so open about it that everyone will be accepting. For those of you in college, do you have any advice? Should I keep it a secret or tell everyone? 

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Hey katie, i crazy enough relate to your story an insane amount, i got alopecia senior year of high school went completly bald starting wearing a wig and only told my two best friends.  Now being in college, I tried to hide it for a while then one night i just came clean and it was the best thing i could have ever done!  

Nowadays, young people are more tolerant, so don't worry. Everything will be fine.

I would tell people myself. I did and most of my friends were accepting. They didn't seem to care either way. But, I also had people make jokes about it saying some pretty mean things like " I look like a dog with mange." And whatever else they could think of. And of course me having a very short fuse responded with two middle fingers and the phrase which I will abbreviate with first letters "KMA" Once i showed them that i wasn't going to put up with their crap they stopped. That's just my experience. But after having AA for the past couple years people have become used to it and no one hardly asks about it anymore. I say just have confidence and be you.  You can't fail if you be you. 

It's college in the 2000s.  You won't be bullied.

What you will be is pitied,  which can be worse.  

College students live in close quarters and that's a secret that is going to come out.  You dont want to be the subject of whispers behind your back.  

Dont tell 'everyone's but dont keep it a secret.  Make it the business of those you feel it should be....dont hide it from those close to you, but dont go around announcing it.  The l

Fewer people who know, the more of a normal life you'll lead.

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My first few years of college, I didn't tell anyone and it was hard, and awkward at times, but manageable. Naturally, some people guessed, but others had no idea. 

My latter few years of college, I decided I was sick of the secrecy and committed to always telling my roommates (anyone I shared a bedroom with, occasionally the others as well). It was SOOO nice. A huge pressure lifted from my shoulders I hadn't even realized I'd been carrying. Some day I will be able to just let everyone know, and I think that will relieve the burden even more, but I'm not quite there yet. But if you can find that courage, it really is worth it to be as open and honest about it as possible.

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I understand you, I myself was in a similar situation. Of course, you yourself should not talk about your illnesses everywhere, believe me, other people also have many health problems. However, it is also not necessary to hide it, so that it does not develop into psychological complexes. If anyone asks or notices, answer honestly. Don't worry about what others think. By the way, you will study, and if there are difficulties with writing an essay, these guys https://www.customessaymeister.com/book-report.html have always helped me. So don't make it hard for yourself in college. Better enjoy your youth to the fullest!

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Hi! Thank you for sharing such an interesting post.

Hi! Thank you for sharing such an interesting post. You don't need to think someone will bully you because you don't have hair. It is not Middle School, and people at the College are completely different. They are already grown up and not children. Bullying someone is not in their interests. For example, I am an architecture student, and we have a lot of students that can be bullied, but none doing it because we don't want to create uncomfortable surroundings for studying. Students are more preoccupied with searching for helping websites such as architectstudents.com rather than bullying.



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