I first got Alopecia Areata in the 4th grade and it progressed to total hair loss by the time I was 15. in 1970. In the few years prior, what hair I had left, was ripped out on a few occssions by the school bullies. My parents bought me a wig to wear in high school. It was not a secret very long. In any case, I wore wigs for about 35 years until I finally took the last one off about 6 years ago. But what was supposed to give me the confidence to approach other women at work, school, college, clubs, etc, over the course of my life, actually did just the opposite. I became totally inhibited because I felt that if I did approach a woman at a bar, etc, who wanted to go out with me, I would have to tell her anyways, and I felt she would be turned off. So I assume that for every women I did approach I may have passed up a dozen more. And I do not know why I would admit this, but who cares anymore, to this day I have never had a girlfriend or a any long term relationship. Anyways, now I wear base ball type caps just about everywhere because I am so used to having something on my head. And now women/people do not know what to make of me. Life has been and continues to be a rough ride with this problem. And I can't do anything but to keep moving on.

Mark Hansen

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I am sorry that you have gone through this but alopecia does not have to stop you from being loved. Your insecurities about it sound like they are certainly getting in the way. Are you moving on with life in other ways? Do you have a career you enjoy etc.. You can let alopecia paralyze you or you can make a decision every day that this is your "deal" and get on with it. I am watching my 19 year old AU daughter do just that. She is in college, rushing a sorority ( how gutsy is that?), has a boyfriend that knows, goes to the lake and swim parties and generally enjoys life. She may have alopecia but she views her biggest problem as her college summer algebra course. We are celebrating her 20th birthday this weekend with 10 of her friends at the lake. She tapes on her wigs and doesn't stop.

There is a wonderful man on this site who you may find helpful to 'friend' PaulJ. Like you he has been dealing with alopecia for many years (since childhood).

I'm sure he will be able to help you with some of the feelings you are currently dealing with.




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