Anyone had the vaccine, or is going to get vaccinated? Or maybe someone who had covid with Alopecia?

As Alopecia is an alteration in the immune system, maybe a more active immune response against a specific protein. That is what I hear from my dermatologist. I am afraid the vaccine might trigger a dangerous response. Please start the discussion

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I am afraid to get vaccinated

I am not afraid of the actual needle, but I am a bit "on edge" about the outcome as an alopecia sufferer.

I already was contaminated with Covid-19, and I do not want to get infected one more time, but at the same time, I am afraid to get vaccinated. I mean, I am gonna wait, to see how the vaccine will influence others, and this is not because I am afraid, but I just don't want to risk, when the risk is not worth it. As I said before I was infected, but if I had not passed a test, which helped me identify either I am infected or not, I wouldn't acknowledge that. By the way, the test I passed, I bought on this site You have no clue how difficult it was to get a rapid test.

Basically, you didn't know about the infection, only after you did a test?

Well, I was thinking about getting this vaccine, but I was very skeptical about it. I've heard a couple of people who took this shot, and they felt horrible after it, especially during the first couple of days. That's why after all, I decided to take Pfizer. And you know, I don't regret that. I didn't feel bad after the shot. Everything was ok. Soon, I will have to take it once again. Oh, by the way, my doctor recommended the best Fenbendazole Powder online as this product would help us treat a variety of parasites that could develop in our body after the vaccine.



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