Hello, everyone, my name is Jorge am currently 31 years old Portuguese guy living in Melbourne Australia. 

I have alopecia universalis since I can remember, the patches started when I was 8 years old and involved to AU when I was about 15 I guess. I don't remember myself with hair, to be honest. Its 3 am here in Melbourne 3 degrees Celsius outside and it's the first time in posting something here besides some photos a long time ago.

 I would like to say that I never felt excluded and I always had an amazing group of friends that never let me down. Saying things like "you are one of a kind", "you look great its or trademark image", "you should be more confident with a woman they like you". You know the kind of things your true friends say but deep inside me, I know they were just being amazing and trying to give me some self-esteem boost. And I do thank them for that! 

I always was a funny guy the one with confidence and the guy that makes everyone else laugh all the time. Now that I think about it, at the start it was the way that I found to break the ice and interact with everyone and make them laugh instead of focusing on my alopecia, they were too entertained to thing about hair!!!. 

I though I was confident enough to don't care about AU, I even helped some people with AU giving them kind of motivational speech, cause at the time I was being successful in my professional life and imagine in my love life too! Can you imagine I had the most beautiful and hot girlfriend for 5 years, and she approached me (i never approach a girl first, to scare of rejection) crazy I know!! A beautiful girl how the hell that happened! 

So basically all fall apart after she broke up with me 5 years later. And all of the daemons of AU come back to me, all the insecurity, fear and sadness, anger, asking why me... crying alone. Yeah, men do cry sometimes!

Basically, I was depressed 1 year at home, without even realizing that I was in some kind of depression! Me the one who makes everyone laugh, the guy that help the others all the time and the guy that says the life is a wonderful present! It couldn't be possible I should be the last person in the world to be depressed. 

Anyway and don't want to write my memories yet so I'm gonna resume. 

I know I had to change my life so I left country, family and my friends and came to Australia to start a new life. 

And here Alopecia strikes again, and here it hurts the most, being rejected from the woman. I feel that here more than ever. When I go to one bar or a club and I'm dancing I just see how fast I'm rejected, I have the impression they look at me like an alien sometimes. Sorry to be so raw with the words.

Maybe I need to work on my self-esteem again, but for me having a girl was my way to say "In your face Alopecia". It's stupid but makes me feel good, makes me feel desired and accepted, normal in some away, starting with alopecia with 8 years is too much of a burden sometimes.

Sorry for the long and nonsense post maybe. It was a good opportunity to train my English anyway, my writing skills are not good yet. I'm much better in Portuguese!  

I would like to know how you deal with this dating thing? Any suggestion?!! how do you approach opposite sex?

ps: The thing that upsets me more is not having eyebrows

pps: Thank yours for your time I felt better after throwing some words here.



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Thank you for sharing. Have you tried dancing classes? Where you get to know the other dancers and there is less pressure when meeting others ? I find people who participate in social couple dancing are more accepting of others. All the best Jorge

Thank for the reply! That's a good idea, I think my random movements dancing skills are not the problem! ahaha! But I though about that already and maybe the dance classes would help with my disguised shyness!

Hi Jorge,  You can certainly have some eyebrows tattooed in and I would recommend it.  We all look a bit different without eyebrows! Other than that I have found women love bald heads on a man!  More than one with hair!  Get some eyebrows put on a go get em!   Greg

Cheers, Greg! Thanks! I hope you are right, I had some girlfriends in the past. but still, I feel insecure! The eyebrow tattooed was always in my mind but I'm really afraid of it, cause I think I may look even weird with them, I don't know I have to think about it really well. But the eyebrows are my problem now, I wouldn't care to be bald all of my life if I only get eyebrows I would be happy!

No Fear man!  It's a standard procedure here in the states.  Women do it mainly when there's thin out.  Try getting a eyebrow pencil and paint them in yourself.  You will get an idea of what they will look like.  They have tattoo pro's here that specialize in this and get big money, 400-600 dollars, but of course worth it!  Google for some in your area that perform this procedure.  When my son was 11 years old he shaved his off.  He did look funny so we used an eyebrow pencil and painted them in until his grew back.  It looked fine.  You know the old story, folks are more concerned with how they look to you and not the other way around. You are a cool looking dude and if your funny and confidant the right lady is gonna be all about you.  Traditional beauty in a woman also can be a bit of a trap, for them and you. A woman that takes care of herself physically and emotionally is what you want, then she will do the same for you!  Get those eyebrow and go be yourself, she will find you! Then play hard to get!  :)   G

Take a look at "microblading".  It is the newest fad in eyebrow tattoos.  Many women and celebrities do it and they look very natural.

I would highly recommend mircoblading your eyebrows in
They will draw in first then when your happy they will mircoblade them in
Really women do not mind bald men at all. On the other hand bald women , are very much judged by men & women here in BC.
I did my eyebrows and really I feel much better a lot people said it just bright in the face and smiles !
Hi Jorge, your discussion made me really sad, I actually felt in my heart what you are going through. The other day i was having a really good day and feeling really confident and happy with my appearance. As I was walking down the street there was some builders on 6th floor scaffolding and I could hear them laughing at me and making comments. It's not easy babe it's something we have to live with. You should definately look into MICROBLADING for your eyebrows it's amazing and so realistic you won't know yourself. Good look with your life hunny and enjoy it xxx
Hi Jorge, You are very nice looking. The alopecia shouldn't be an issue with finding women. I have been married for 28 years and being confident is the best way to attract a woman. Your confidence was shaken up when your girlfriend broke up with you. No different than if you get fired from a job. We start to second guess our worth and wonder if anyone wants us.
Don't tattoo eyebrows, they look odd. You are hot and sexy and look amazing just the way you are. I would recommend faking confidence and start to flirt with women you are interested in meeting. Whatever you do, don't act wounded or vulnerable in front of a girl you want to date.
Hi Jorge just had a little look on your profile, hope you don't mind, and you physically look like a model you are gorgeous I can't see why women would not find you attractive. Their loss.

Thank you for your words, Rose at the moment I don't feel that away, but a compliment it's a compliment, and made me smille!

Never the less I'm not that innocent, I had some girlfriends in the past. And when I'm down that's what my friends try to remind me! "Hey, man you already had X and Y with you do you think they picked because of what?!" So yeah maybe it's a problem of attitude and cofidence right now!

About microblading I'm still unsure of it I'm afraid that will look unnatural and is permanent right? xxXx

I have weeks where I feel the same too. I hope with age I will grow bit right now we are still young enough to worry about our looks okay ;) lol. I think microblading is beautiful if you go to an experienced artist. It's semi permanent it lasts 2 years and then needs top up. I tried looking some places up on instagram but I'm not sure if you're on there so maybe a little research on Google will get you some results to look at. And again everybody on here has different tastes and opinions so don't take anyone too seriously it's your life and I'm sure you are much more than your alopecia xxx



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