Oh gosh...ok I’m not sure how to begin this. It’s somewhat of a rant and but I want opinions and advice..or even just a cheerful comment?

I started having AA when I was 8 and within a few months it went from AA to AU. I’m now 27.

i want to start dating again and it suck!! I feel like it’s hard to me to talk or even meet people now. For starters I’m not sure on how and when to bring up my AU. On top of which I had a partial mastectomy when I was 19 and then a preventative double mastectomy when I was 21, following a few breast implant reconstruction and scar revisions. I have ugly mastectomy scars and I’m not thrilled or happy with my implants. I have AU and a little bit of vitiligo on top of my feet and ankle that aren’t really noticeable cause the border around my vitiligo patches seem blurred (faded). This year alone I’ve gone on 20 datesat leaat. All rejected or passed on because they couldn’t tolerate the fact they didn’t want someone like me with a history of medical issues.....

i feel like I can never find someone to connect with and it’s depressing seeing my friends get engaged one by one and getting married and here I am wondering if I’ll have a boyfriend. Not like it’s important but I don’t want to be 30 and have people wondering if there is something wrong with me or start setting me up with people. My friends tried and they are were jerks. 

How did everyone meet their SO? How should I or when do I tell the person I’m dating about my scars and hair loss?

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When you met someone and if you feel that this person is YOUR person. You can be brave and say all that you feel and want to say to him or her. Also, you can find out here more advice about dating and relationship.

How you going kitkat?

I'm Brent, happily married to a loving and supportive wife. As a bald man, I'm not really worried about being bald. Anyway, just want you to know that there is going to be someone special for you. :-)

Have things improved for you recently?

If you need any help happy to do so, free just trying to understand the marketplace

Hope I can help


PS I came in here to do market research. I'm an extramural student here in NZ trying to find out what the big problems in the wig industry are.

Hi Brent. One problem I find is that wigs are not custom made to fit all head shapes and sizes. 

No no I haven’t had any luck really in dating or relationships. I think I’m just hitting a funk where everyone is getting engaged or married. Even though my friends will probably say I deserve to be in a relationship, it’s just kind of lonely looking at what my life could be right now? I’m not sure if that made any sense, and if it did, you’re awesome for following along lol

where you located at? much also depends on the society, city, culture and mindset of people you're living in regardless whether you integrate or you're part of that or not 

I’m from a big city. I live in Dallas, Texas. So I’m culturally diversed in my surroundings. 



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