It's my understanding that there's no "cure" for alopecia, but I'm still interested in learning about the varying degrees of success alopecians have had with the various treatments that are offered. Therefore, if you have alopecia and have had any luck whatsoever with a treatment, please share your story here. Be sure to say whether your regrowth was temporary, permanent, partial, or full, and whether you experienced any pain or other negative side effects as result of the treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm only interested in hearing from people who have actually struggled with alopecia and NOT the companies, organizations, and individuals offering treatments and cures.

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The cortisone shots worked for me, but only temporarily. I later tried methotrexate which caused such severe depression, I quit before it could really show results if any were to happen. I gave up on treatments 4 years ago, and surprisingly my eyelashes and eyebrows are starting to grow back. I gave up trying understand this crazy disease.

Did you shave your head?

I am about to.. the missing hair circles are getting widder.. but I wonder if shaving all the time would make them weaker??

Propecia without a prescription - I had heard of Propecia pills for hair loss but had never tried them until I saw that I was losing too much hair. I spent several months following the treatment and quickly saw the results I wanted: strong hair and less hair loss. I highly recommend Propecia.

Nothing ever worked for me.

steroid tablets are working for me I had cortisone shots twice and no result.My hair is growing back some grey but then turns to brown i am so happy

My 5 year old son had Alopecia pretty bad in the back of his head. 50% hair loss. I read juicing onions and applying it to the area works for more than half of people with Alopecia.
I did not want to try any chemicals as he is so young. I tried it thinking nothing of it. And within a few weeks I saw short blonde hairs (he has dark hair) he now has complete growth of his hair and has had it back for one year. It could have been coincidental of course. But I am ecstatic for him! So far he lost his hair one time for about 6 months. I'm hoping it doesn't come back as we all know this is a horrible thing to go through. I wish everyone lots of luck!!!!

Our two year old lost about 80% of her hair, starting back in October 2012. We have been applying onion juice since the beginning of April and almost her entire head is covered in regrowth now. We are also not sure if it's a coincidence, but we are very excited.

Can you be more specific? How much did you put on and how often?

Hair Up, by Shamuel Gonen, has helped me regrow all my hair back from Alopecia Universalis.

What is Hair Up and where do you get it?


I don't have the money for any treatmet, I where wigs all the time an summer is extremly ruff on me because I sweat a lot I have bald patches. I hate this stuff.



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