Diffuse alopecia areata. Does a biopsy show inflammation around the follicles?


I was diagnosed with diffuse Alopecia areata, and the scalp biopsy showed no scarring or inflammation around the hair follicles. I thought in alopecia areata that the cause is inflammation? I am losing hair everywhere on my body except arms, all with an itch. I have been shedding profusely everyday for almost 2 years, I still get some growth but have thinned out everywhere. I am just starting to see some small patches on the crown.

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I found that a good exfoliation helps with the itch. Grape seed oil, 2 to 1 brown and white sugar.

I have found that my skin in general is drier since I lost my hair. It is also very sensitive to sunlight so i use alot of sunscreen. I think we don't realize just what good those tiny little hairs all over our bodies do for us.

I have had AU most of my adult life and have found that the more I moisturize the better my skin feels.

There was a TON of inflammation when I had mine done but there was no scarring which is a good thing. Did they test you for any weird infections? That was the first thing they looked for when they checked for mine. I do notice my scalp itches more in the winter then it does the summer. You could also try tea tree oil.

thank you for your responses. erika, i've been hearing that people who have had biopsies and have aa have inflammation as you did, so i dont understand why i've been diagnosed with diffuse aa. the doctor said its not chronic telogen effluvium because thats usually limited to the scalp. i am having allergy testing done, and will see a neurologist, i have a constant tingling, itching , stinging scalp which extends to the eyebrows and eyelashes, i'm wondering if its a type of neuralgia.

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My derm said my biopsy came back with inflammation and very numerous white blood cells, confirming AA.

thanks nursekati.



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