Maybe if Will Smith had used the moment to take the stage and EDUCATE Chris, the audience, and the world about how alopecia affects women and men. And how androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) is the most common form of alopecia for both men and women. 
Maybe if he has honored his wife in that manner we would be having a more productive conversation about this condition, which may be embarrassing or hurtful but it isn’t a death sentence. 
 I thank GOD for my alopecia because I know HE thought HE could trust me to honor HIM and give HIM the glory by educating others and letting them know how grateful I am for that trust. 
Just my thoughts 

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I could not agree with you more. He would have been see as a shining star rather than a man who is unable to articulate his feelings using, words rather than his hands. The entire Alopecia community and its plight would have been brought to light. Chris Rock most likely did not even understand she had this condition although he did do a documentary on hair which was very enlightening about African American women hair. Again, I only wish Smith had taken the opportunity to make people more compassionate and aware of AA.

You "thank God: for your alopecia"??  Sorry, but that sounds a little strange to me.  "...not a death sentence.."?  Well, it was for the 12 year-old girl who committed suicide over the bullying she received due to her AU.  While it may not be a "death sentence" in terms of quantity of life, it can certainly be a "death sentence" in terms of quality of life.  Plenty of medical conditions are not a "death sentence", but we still have them treated, and people do show some sympathy and respect for them.  Do those of us with alopecia areata not have the same right to that respect and compassion?  It was the Academy Awards, not a medical convention, so why in the world would Will Smith run up on stage and use it as a "teaching moment"?  You sound religious, and I respect that, but some of us here are not.  Please do not minimize our autoimmune disease.  We get enough of that from society, Big Pharm, insurance companies, and the healthcare industry.



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