Hi all

This topic may have already been covered and if so please feel free to point me in the right direction. I will soon be getting a lace front wig with real Brazilian hair. As I do have some hair left I will be using a clip to keep the wig stable.

I was wondering how I should go about exercising in a wig? Should I be using a different wig to exercise in or do you think that the wig cap will keep the sweat from getting into the wig? I would appreciate any tips that you have?

Thank you and have a Happy New Year everyone :)

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I wear some of my old human hair lace wigs and some synthetics with a yoga headband for exercise. I wouldn't use a perfectly good, new human hair lace wig, though. You would be best off to use a terry sweat band or cap underneath a bandanna or larger cottons scarf.

It takes us a long time to realize that no one is looking at us all that closely or even cares about what our hair looks like -- especially at the gym!

I agree with the other ladies. On a daily basis I wear a custom sized human hair wig.... For exercise I wear an inexpensive synthetic

For many I talk with it depends on how you feel about your wig. If it is an integral part of you and your life you will want to exercise and live your life in it, as that is 'your hair'.

With a lace wig, net or conventional based wig this does have issues with regards to durability, security and comfort. I would talk with the person you are buying your lace wig from and see what they recommend. If the recommendation is not to exercise in it because of durability etc. then you will know what is the best thing for you to do with that type of wig and then you can make alternative arrangements.



Hi ladies

Thank you very much for your advice. I will have to wear my spare wig in the gym :) I do have a human hair wig which i dont really like because of the density of the hair (there is just too much). Hopefully I will not bump into anyone who knows me its a tiny gym that not so many people use. Thank you once again.

Hi Zoe
Well I took the bullet by the bit and just wear a head scarf. I bought a few from Katmandu. They are like bandanas so you can wear them as a scarf, a neck band etc. I just get too hot to be able to exercise in a wig and I get eczema also so the wig makes me itch and then you can guess the rest. Also its easy to just chuck the bandana in the wash after exercising. The same when I went snorkelling (first time ever in my life) a year ago in Cairns. I took a deep breath and just wore my trusty bandana as we were on a boat, I did not trust my wig to stay on, and then going snorkelling. I even got the gumption up to take my bandana off on the beach afterwards. No body cares really. YOu get a couple of looks but life is too short and besides I really enjoyed snorkelling.

Hi Aimee

I am not sure where you are but I went to Katmandu store in Wellington NZ



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