My AT has now progressed to AU and I was wondering if someone can recommend:

1) The best waterproof eyebrow pencil (or maybe I should try eyeliner?) to draw on my eyebrows. I find that the Sephora brand waterproof pencil rubs off during the day and I'm not ready to make the leap and buy false eyebrows from headcovers yet.

2) Best false eyelashes for everyday wear. I've bought the Ardell brand at Wal-Mart, but I find that they are only good for one time use, and at $4 per day that will add up quickly. Maybe I don't clean them properly for continuous use? How often should I be changing the falsies? I find that after I wash them, the eyelashes clump together and are not re-usable.

Any recommendations would be a great help! Thank you!

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for eyebrows, beauti-full-brows.com. Just google it. They are temporary eyebrow tattoos, so many different styles. They honestly look great on and they are really cheap. As for the eyelashes don't wash them ever.. ever ever ever. Just pull the glue off the band and put them back on the thingy they came on. I can reuse mine for like 2 weeks. Hope this was helpful!
Just wanted to share my experience with the beauti-full-brows: They are nice and I wore them for awhile but found parts of them would peel off from sweating, accidentally rubbing my eyebrows or when I slept in them, parts of them would end up on the pillow case. There were a few times a few close people pointed out to me that part of my "eyebrow" was missing. LOL! Wasn't funny at the moment, but in I can laugh now. They also said the tattoos looked like little hairs but I found with most applications, the tattoo ink ran together and looked flat (with a slight glossy sheen). Again, none of this deterred me from using the product for quite a while, but I found they too were becoming too expensive. I also found the chemicals in the pool or salt water in the ocean broke down the tattoos too. Recently I tried a new product from Ultra makeup stores one of the salesgirls recommened. It is a colored wax and powder combo. The instructions say to apply the wax first and then cover with powder but the salesgirl said to mix them both at the same time and then apply. I found this product, while not perfect is the best I've used yet. I have better control with shaping and the depth of color. I have worn it while swimming and going on the water rides in water parks and it holds up pretty well. I think the wax helps it to stay on longer in the water. Try a few different things and see what works best for you and your lifestyle.
I recently had my eyebrows tattooed shortly after getting AU. However, in the interim, I tried both eyebrow pencil and eyebrow shadow. Neither was really waterproof but I thought the shadow looked more natural. As for eyelashes, I have been asking around and there is a recent discussion from a week or two ago that you should read. Everyone recommends Ardell 110. They definitely look the most natural. If you google it, you can find them for 3$ or less a pair. I also was destroying the lashes after each use trying to clean them up. As per suggestion, I used a q-tip and makeup remover to loosen up the glue and then just peeled it off. Sometimes, I can actually pull it off without as well. It definitely takes practice. I can reuse them for 4 times before I destroy them and I imagine with even more practice, I'll get them to last longer. Hope that helps...
Before I tattooed my eyebrows on for good, I was free-hand drawing them on every morning before I spent the day at a pool as a lifeguard. To this day, I haven't found anything that stays on as well - and withstands smears - as Maybelline Brow & Eye Pencils. I believe it's the ExpertWear Twin Brow & Eye Pencils, though I'm not entirely sure on the name. Just look for the red, old-school eye pencils, they usually come two to a pack. Then make sure to get all the oils off the area you want each eyebrow and the pencil should set on the skin. I tried plenty of other brands, including Benefit's Shellac over the pencil, and nothing worked as well as these did. Bonus: they're cheap compared to some of the other products.
Hope that helps a bit, I'm entirely too lazy to even put on eyelashes and I admire the skill it takes to do both:) Good luck!
Try She-Laq by Benefit. It's a fixative for makeup. I use it on brows as well as on eyeliner beneath my lids sometimes to prevent makeup from "melting." Use brush-on brow products in two or three colors to create a natural-looking brow, and then apply SheLaq. Here's a link to the product description on Benefit's website: http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/Benefit-Cosmetics-she-laq/dp/B000G6...
It's being discontinued. I've gotten some bgdl sealer which I like better because it has no shine. Real fan of what they're doing. Cheryn.com also has it.
You can email info@baldgirlsdolunch.org for an order form for professional quality brow powder, brushes and the matte sealer.
I use regular Loreal. I have been drawing on my eyebrows for years. I feel its important to not go too dark. if your hair is dark brown, don't use black eyebrow pencil. Use Dark brown. Otherwise it will look like you drew them on with a sharpie marker. You can also try the retractable pencils (it's in a red plastic tube). After you apply, use a piece of toilet tissue and just dab the pencil so that the oils from your face don't stay on the liner. As for the lashes, you can create a beautiful look by using a simple eyelineron the inner eye and liquid eyeliner on the eyelid. Try it. Let me know how it works.
I have some information that may help you with eyelashes. You can email me a cwestgb@aol.con it is a video
Another thing about eyebrows go to www.stampmefabulous.com eyebrows made easy
Hello, Anyone interested in the video for eyebrows/lashes email me at cwestgb@aol.com
I have permission to send it individually but not to post it.

Shows you how to do eye lahses without using false lashes.

For me it was a huge production and not easy at all. Not easy to correct a mistake. Overall, awkward. Heads are round and I didn't find it easy to apply.
Thanks for the advice everyone! I think I will need to have lot's of practice using fake eyelashes before I can master it! I'v been using just eyeliner and have my bangs cover part of my eyes so it's not as noticeable. I don't know about having my eyebrows tattooed just in case my eyebrows grow back and the tattoo is wonky. I had AU when I was a young kid for a couple of years which then turned to AT then went to AA so I'm hoping this will just be a phase!



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