I have AU since January 2016. Was looking into the false/fake eyebrows, anybody have input on positive/negative aspects of them? I feel that it really alters appearance w/ out eyebrows. So depressing, I never thought i would be shopping on line for this. Does the feeling of hopelessness ever get better?

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Hi Rascalx2,

I totally understand where you are coming from. I even looked into getting eyebrows transplant but I wasn't a candidate. If you have autoimmune alopecia they won't consider you for the procedure. I was told the hair would just fall out. I even found studies that reflected eyebrow regrowth on someone with an autoimmune but the answer remained no.I am interested in fake eyebrows and I will be watching this topic in hope someone has additional information. 

I am 7 years in and I still feel sad and helpless. Also, I never in a million years thought I would be in this situation. I had a head full of beautiful hair, so this is hard to deal with  emotionally and physically.

Thanks for the reply, glad my feeling is not falling on deaf ears. Acceptance if this whole thing is hard, but holding on to hope feels like a waste of energy. Being Stuck in limbo is torturous!

I had mine tattooed.  Very very painful.


I try to stay positive, but as time goes by it's really hard. I don't tell people I have alopecia. I even had a guy at my work tell me I should stop plucking my eyebrows and allow them to grow back in, so I can look better. He didn't know I didn't over pluck them they fell out. It amazes me how people are so free to give their unsolicited opinion on others. Hang in there I know it's difficult. 

Hi, I'm dealing with same situation also. Although I've had my eyebrows tattooed (permanent makeup) but doesn't last very long and you do need touch ups. So for now I just continue with an eyebrow pencil which is so annoying. I so need a permanent fix.

Babycakes101, you are right the tattoo doesn't last very long at all.  $400 and 1 1/2 years later, I use the pencil also. I didn't know they faded that fast.  My Dad and my husband had tattoos and they were still in color 50+ years later.

Has anyone tried the Micro blading tattoo technique. It is suppose to look more realistic,which is especially important for a male. Thinking of it since taking cyclosporine for 9 mths hasn't done a thing for my AU of 1 yr.

I kris.. my granddaughter who is 14 has had the micro blading.. looks awesome.. they put freezing on her eyebrows before they did it.. she had to go 2 times to get a complete look.. awesome.

Yea it's been about that long since I had mine done. Expensive but saves time in the mirror.

Im getting fake brows, but Im nervous about going to work, people are going to notice, I have AU. I feel like I look so bizarre without brows that its going to be so obvious when i show up with them. This disease is awful!

I can relate. I developed AU 6 months ago. I am still devastated, it's like a never-ending bad dream. I purchased a human-hair wig that cost me a bundle. I feel very anxious wearing it. I have decided to have my eyebrows tattooed. Nervous but at least I won't have the frustration of drawing them on numerous times a day. 

CCV, I try and explain it the same way, "its like a bad dream that I cant wake up from". I was watching people apply eyebrows on you tube last night, got depressed and just went to bed.



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