Anyone try those false, eyelashes that use the magnetic eyeliner?  I’m curious if they are easier to apply that the glue on style. 

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Great question! I’ve been wondering the same thing. I hope someone chimes in with opinions. Do you find the glue irritates your eyes? I have very sensitive dry eyes so have been reluctant to try the glue.

We prefer the glue on style.  It seems to give more confidence and security.  Magnetic easier, but I am afraid of them falling off.....

Has anyone found any waterproof eyeliner that works?  Really need that this summer!  Thanks.

Yes, magnetic definitely easier to apply, but my eyeliner "melted" because of the heat around 11:30 pm one evening with those on.  It was an off-brand liner from Amazon, so can't vouch for what Kiss or Ardell or the other brands do. 

You might read the reviews at Ulta/Amazon/Make-up Alley to see what people are saying, and if you can, find people who have your kind of either oily eyelids (hey, that's me!) or dry skin or whatever so you'll have a better idea of how the chemistry might work on you in particular?

When the lash fell off I was talking to someone and felt something lweird on my face, which was no biggie in that situation, but generally, I like a more solid hold and fewer surprises. 

What I do is probably the least healthiest thing you can do (don't tell your eye doc, and/or if you like seeing, maybe don't do this), but I use Callas latex-free liner, put a thin, thin line barely above my lash line, let it set 30 sec - 1 min, then put a thin amount on lashes themselves, let it set about 30 seconds, attach, and that will stick for a really, really long time for me (or until I take a 3 hour soak in a hot-tub or bathtub). 

Sometimes I sleep in mine for a couple days (that's the really unhealthy part, but some days I like to wake up looking all perky and bright-eyed), but you can get some eyewash (Occusoft, I think?) to follow up the make-up remover and get your eyes spiffy clean again.   

Red Cherry lashes cost more, but hold up for several days for me, even if those days entail yard work/sweating/etc.  The generic-ish lashes on Amazon that say they're "just like Red Cherry, but cost less!" are like RC in that they're both brands of lashes, but that's about where it ends.  My RC are human hair (supposedly), and withstand humidity without losing the curl.   The cheapies never come with enough curl to begin with and end up with wonky eye shapes on me once they get a little humid (I use a more dramatic lash, so the humidity flop is more apparent). 

For me, less is more on the lash glue and the "rubber cement" style of application.  Did you ever read that on the back of the jar of Rubber Cement in your art box at elementary school?  Why, you're not supposed to paint it on like you're painting a barn, just thin coats on two separate surfaces. What fun is that?  :-) 

I've done lash glue seven ways from Sunday - thin strip on lash (doesn't hold tight), thin strip on eye (doesn't hold tight), the sticky bands from Ardell (did anyone ever actually get those onto their lashes and then onto their eyes?  If so, def a miracle...  good idea, but didn't work for me).   Have been on too tight of a budget to try the "sandwich" type week-long lashes, but don't hear of the drugstore ones having a lot of longevity via the reviews.  

I will say I feel 1000% better in my lashes.  As I age, my upper lids have gotten droopier, and getting the perfect lash shape (peaked in the middle for me - no cat eyes) really opens up my face and makes me look so much perkier.  

Hope that helps!  Didn't mean to write an encyclopedia, but this is four years of reliable success with lashes after six years of mixed results.  When you find something that works, you keep it!   :-) 

Thanks for the great input. I’ve decided to stick with eyeliner in various colors and shadows for contour. I just don’t see well enough without glasses to deal with falsies. I do use a magnifying mirror for my eye makeup. 



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