Feels alone all the time....do men even care? Don't think dating sites work.

Do men even care?? Do dating sites even work? I just don't believe they do and don't believe dating sites work. All I get is men asking me for sex and just looking for sex along with them just wanting money from me. I don't get anything else. Just makes me feel alone, unwanted, that I will die alone and so much more. Like having this disease just makes me feel like no one cares. People may say I'm beautiful but honestly I don't by it or believe it either. It sucks. 

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Yeah.. online dating really sucks! 

Sorry that you didn't have good experiences with dating site, I think it depends on the platform you use. If you use paid, specific to certain groups (e.g. Christian, local community etc) I know it worked for some but not like with Tinder or OK cupid. Free, popular ones are used by men and women (goes both!) who are interested in casual sex. ;)

But be careful with paid ones too because those are infested with African / Russian scammers who are trying to fish "desperate men and women" into scamming. Do NEVER send money no matter how their profile or stories sound legitimate. 

Putting your self to online for people to mistreat will only make you feel miserable.. it doesn't matter you have alopecia or look like a stunning super model!

I recommend joining up for Meetups groups, maybe??

There are few for singles hosting drinks or dining out or join whatever the interest you have. 

Yeah things are difficult for me. I'm the type of person who doesn't go out, who is quiet and stick to myself. So makes it hard to meet people and all. It's why I do online things to meet people and all tho that doesn't work either. Plus a lot of men no matter if they online or not online only want one thing and one thing only especially the ones that I seem to get. I don't try to pick the wrong ones but I seem to always get them.

Hi, not sure how "contained" your life really is but, if that is the case online could be useful to meet people. But again, dating sites only have 90% of the guys who are after sex, and 9% of the scammers who are after your money, to meet that 1% could require time and tricks.

Trick could be that, you just keep doing what you are doing online but without emotional investment to those 99% - or it will be too hard for you to keep going on. 

You may review your profile, whether using appropriate photo (not too "sexy"!), not saying "I am looking for friends to start with" (attracting casual sex), or "looking for Mr.Right" (attracting scammers) etc and set the target only to your area so it will increase the chance to meet actual guys. :)

I would not go the dating app route, it is too easy to become a victim of catfishes. I’m especially concerned that you said all they want is money. Big red flag. I’m older bald and currently married, but I have thought about it if anything happened to my marriage or my husband. Thinking I would just be alone forever. I know that this is not necessarily true but it’s an honest fear. Then I see young women, with AU  find the love of their lives and marry so, bottom line is I would hope to meet someone through friends or my church. Try joining a few social groups like book clubs, bible studies etc. I know there are good people out there.

Yeah that's what people tell me with joining things but I'm not really a social type person plus honestly you never know about that either. Like this world is a crazy world so you never know about anything even in person stuff. So idk, just feeling my only options are being single or getting back with my ex which idk if that's a good idea either. Just wish people actually cared more about others now a days and actually didnt do the stupid things that they do.

Ah I missed the part about money, then it is 100% that they are scammers. Do NOT send money and BLOCK without telling them that now you are aware that they are the scammers. Likely, those are from west Africa, leading up to the story that they will need money and want to receive in overseas - so the police can't trace. My friend became a victim so I know it very well. If you ever became suspicious of whether to continue talking to them, let me know I maybe able to advice. :)

And BLOCK because if they know that you know they are scammer they will implant the malware into your device to steel information from you. Also do not confront with the scammers because that will only educate them to fish next victims better.

It is not likely "him" but it is "them" behind the dating profile and they are likely international criminal syndicate rather than a man acting alone.

Take care!!

Relationships don't depend on money or anything like that. you always get what you have inside. This is my opinion. I advise you to come to a dating site and read this content. Ordinary people share their success and failure stories. I think this can help you to accept the situation and start from scratch.

Dating sites dont work. Maybe for women who have hair and are pretty as all hell and all but not for me. I have tired many of them and I keep getting the same stupid people who just want sex or want money or want both. Like I'm not trying some other dumb site and I'm not paying for eharmony and all just to find the person I'm supposed to be with. Like screw that. Like I said men dont give a crap! They just care about sex and money.

If you feel lonely, it would be good to get out of your comfort zone and meet as many new people as possible in order to socialize. For example, you can browse a dating site and I think that will really help you. I say this from my own experience because for me it was exactly your situation and after I started using https://asianfriendly.com/ I started to socialize with people very often and life changed a lot. Almost every night I went out with new people and I started to enjoy life a lot.

If you are lonely, then this might be a good option to meet someone. Although I doubt that in places like this one can find serious relationships. I believe that online dating is more suitable for meeting someone for one night. I use video sex chat, and it helps me with finding a partner for such purposes. Chatting is very open and hot, and it helps me to relieve my loneliness.



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